Think your Home is Clean 5 Not so Clean Spots

Despite the fact that about 87% of women feel that a clean house directly reflects on them, there are places in the home that are probably not as clean as you would think. In fact many people overlook these things while looking at larger areas. About 84% of people believe that a home is truly clean if carpets are clean while almost one-quarter consider their carpet to be dirtier than their toilet seat. Toilets get a lot of negative attention, however it may be surprising to find out they may not be the dirtiest thing lurking in your clean house. Read below to see some surprising areas that are more dirty than you think.


While many people may believe that this spot is one of the cleanest, the truth is, it is one of the dirtiest places in the house. While about 22% of Americans consider their carpet dirtier than their toilets, the fact remains it’s their sink that is dirtier than the toilet. People take the time to disinfect the toilets, however they rarely take the time to disinfect their sinks. Food left in the sink leads to bacteria, and this bacteria is not always removed from the kitchen sink. Dependable house cleaning services can help ensure that the sink is properly disinfected.


The computer keyboard is another area that is dirtier than most people think. Many people think that their computer keyboard is somewhat clean, because we wash our hands lots of time. Truth be told that our keyboards are dirtier than anyone would think. Hiring a dependable maid service will help ensure that your keyboard receives regular cleaning and disinfecting to help keep it clean.

Stove Knobs

Another surprising fact is finding out just how dirty your stove knobs are. These harbor a variety of viruses and bacteria. One of the benefits of hiring a maid service means that your stove will receive regular cleanings to remove the bacteria. Removing your knobs and cleaning them in water once per week will help clean them, remove any bacteria or build up and help to keep them clean.


Chances are you’ve never thought twice about the exterior doors of your house, unless you are thinking about your door knob. Truth be told the rug or mat in front of the door itself is incredibly dirty. There are a number of things that people track back to the house and it lands directly on those rugs. These things are then brought into the house on the shoes of those entering. Installing a no shoes policy along with regular cleanings can help stop the spread of disgusting things hiding in the rugs of exterior doors.


Let’s face it, majority of the time you wash your silverware after using them, but what do you do with them once they are clean? You toss them into a container that hasn’t been cleaned in how long? Can you remember the last time that you cleaned your silverware tray in the silverware drawer. If the answer is no, you should stop reading this immediately and go to your kitchen. Remove all the silverware and soak the tray in warm water with dish detergent or run it through a cycle in the dishwasher. You’ll feel much better about the next utensil you pull out if you do.

While many homeowners choose to utilize dependable house cleaning services, these dependable house cleaning services only go so far if they aren’t touching the areas described above. Your home can be clean as a whistle, but not cleaning the things listed above can leave germs and bacteria that can make your family sick behind. Talk with the person that performs your dependable house cleaning and make a schedule to ensure that these areas are cleaned regularly for a cleaner home and for peace of mind.