This Common Mistake Could Ruin Your Drain

Unclogging a drain may seem simple at first. However, people often make costly mistakes when attempting to unclog their drain. You may even be one of these people. In this video, you will learn the trick that plumbers use to unplug their drains.

Many people go to their local store and pick up some drain unclogging chemicals. There is no doubt that these solutions work.

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However, there is another story. Many of these chemicals are extremely harsh on drains. In fact, they may even damage the piping over time. The acidic nature of these chemicals can actually eat away at the piping itself. This could lead leaks and further repairs that are even more costly and time-consuming.

Instead of using one of these chemicals, there is a solution that you can make easily at home. Take some vinegar and baking soda and mix it together in a two to one ratio. This should seem familiar to those who have made baking soda volcanoes. The mixture will create a reaction that will bubble and fizz in the drain. In no time, it should unclog your drain.