Three Common Questions Parents Have About Hiring a Nanny

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Nannies in Canada are in high demand, especially because Canadian law says that, after fulfilling two years worth of employment hours, nannies are allowed to apply for permanent residency. Parents often prefer live in help because their hours are more flexible, and the cost is lower — the current minimum wage is a little under $11 for live in help, compared to up to $18 for daycare.

Many parents are wondering what to look for in a good nanny, and how to get in contact with them in the first place. Here are three common questions families have.

1. Should I Work with Nanny Agencies in Canada?

It’s not always necessary to use an agency to find a nanny, especially if you aren’t set on hiring live in help. It will, however, make the nanny-finding process a lot less stressful. If you want to hire a foreign nanny, they will need to receive a work visa, and an agency can help you with all the paperwork. More importantly, a nanny agency can screen multiple candidates for you in order to ensure a nanny who will be a good fit for your family. It can be difficult, especially with overseas applicants, to ascertain background information and work history.

2. What to Look for in a Good Live in Nanny

When you’re hiring a live in nanny, there are a few specific things you should look for. An important part of being a nanny is being in a new place, and living with a new family. One of the biggest nanny hiring mistakes that so many parents repeat is hiring a nanny who is idealistic, but inexperienced with living away from home. These nannies are often ill-prepared for living away or abroad, and more often than not, they leave their posts early. Look for nannies who have experience living away from home, working with children similar in age to your children, and who have a calm disposition and an honest attitude.

3. Should I Use a Nanny Cam?

According to Childcare About, shops selling nanny cams have seen a 25% rise in sales over the past five years. Is it worth installing one in your home? There are both pros and cons. The advantage of using a nanny cam is, obviously, peace of mind, and being able to check that your nanny is behaving properly with your child. Polls have shown that caregivers are not necessarily against videotaping, but they do want to know about it. The Brantford Expositor cautions that cameras should only be used in public places (not bathrooms or bedrooms), and that, while useful, a nanny cam could potentially damage the trust in a relationship. Also note: privacy laws can differ by province, so double-check before purchasing. Your employee does have rights.

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