Three Reasons Small Apartments are Worth Looking Into

Sustainable apartment living

Those who live in large cities – New York, London, Munich – they don’t have a choice. A small apartment is all they are ever going to get. But for the rest of us, it may take some convincing to get us into a studio or otherwise tiny living situation. After all, where will our friends stay when they visit? What happens when we have co-workers over for drinks? Where is the dog to mill about? Space can be a huge concern but there are certainly benefits of apartment living.

Apartment living is super green.
55% of people say they would be willing to pay more for an eco-friendly abode. The good news is you often don’t have to! People living in a smaller place always pay less for heating and cooling and, in turn, are using less energy. Some tips for small apartment living, if you are really looking to be eco-friendly, are to weatherize you place and really get the max out of your energy use. You can do this by covering windows with plastic during the winter as well as by using fans during the summer.

Apartments embody the height on convenience
Thank about it! A tiny apartment takes much less time to clean and much less money to furnish. There are so great ideas for apartment living on Pinterest. You can get crafty and gives things multiple uses. For example, a coffee table that also serves as a storage unit. Many apartment communities come with a ton of amenities that are very helpful like a pool, gym or tanning facility. Finally, when things break, that isn’t your problem! In fact, one of the biggest rules for apartment living is do not fix things yourself. You could be responsible then for the damage. When the drain clogs, call your landlord!

Apartments cost less.
Yes, modern apartment living is more cost effective. Renting is almost always cheaper than a mortgage. You’re also not stuck with bills for snow removal or lawn care.

There is a strong case for apartment living being the best way to save green while being green! My best tips for small apartment living include checking out smaller places next time you are apartment hunting!

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