Three Simple Tips for Making Your Home Safer for You and Your Family

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One of the most common issues any homeowner faces is trying to secure their home against criminals looking to steal their belongings. Of course, the real worry here is that someone will come into your home and scare and injure your family — or worse. In cities across North America, home invasion has become a plague. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, for example, sees anywhere from 40 to 70 break and enters per 10,000 residents, depending on the area of the city, per year. If you’re one of many homeowners who see these statistics and realize it’s time to improve your home security, these tips are for you.

Three Tips for Improving the Safety of Your Home

  1. Stop Buying Mass Produced, Useless Locks
  2. For HowStuffWorks, one of the best things you can do to improve your home security is to actually invest in your locks, eschewing those cheap options you buy at your local store for something that can actually make a difference. As any residential locksmith services worth their salt can tell you, the best defense you have against someone trying to break into your house is a deadbolt lock with a double cylinder. Barring the use of a battering ram, it’s very unlikely anyone is going to be able to get into your house when you equip your doors with deadbolts.

  3. Learn to Protect Your Home Surveillance System
  4. One of the most common security tools emergency locksmith services find themselves working with today are home surveillance security systems. These systems allow homeowners to monitor their homes from their mobile devices anywhere there is a wi-fi connection. The problem? As Forbes writes, many of these systems need to be calibrated to avoid being susceptible to an attack from hackers. Local locksmith services can help you calibrate your security system, but you can take care of the big problems for yourself. Make sure you set a unique password and, if you can afford it, keep your security system on a separate server from your main internet-connected devices.

  5. Find an Affordable Locksmith
  6. If you don’t think you can handle installing your own locks and securing your own surveillance system, you should hire an affordable locksmith. Try searching for someone with their locksmith certification to make sure you find an affordable locksmith who actually knows what they’re doing. It could be the difference between a secure home and one that’s ripe for the taking.

Do you work in home security? What tips would you give homeowners on improving their security? Let us know in the comments below! References.