Use Dedicated Zones to Better Organize Your Garage

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Garages are great for storing much more than just your car. The items you can keep there include everything from gardening tools and lawn mowers to workout equipment and golf clubs. However, the fact that Amish built garages are such a convenient storage option often means that they get overfilled and keeping them organized can be difficult. A good way to avoid that is to divide the garage into zones around where the cars go so that you know right where everything is and avoid packing too much stuff in.
Transition Zone
Whether you have an Amish built garage that stands alone or one attached directly to your home, putting items that you grab or use every day, like shoes and coats, right next to the door is always a good idea. Doing so will allow you to keep entryways clear without having to store items in an inconvenient spot.
Quick Grab Zone
For items like dog food or drinks that you store outside to save space in the refrigerator, shelves on the opposite side of the door is the best option. You will be able to grab them quickly and they won’t be in the way while stored in your kitchen or another space.
Long and Skinny Zone
To maximize space in any Amish built sheds or garages, store all of your long and skinny items in the same place. Whether you have a bundles of hockey and lacrosse sticks or a bunch of rakes and shovels for working in your yard, storing them together will save room and keep them out of the way of other items.
Large Item Zone
Big items that you don’t use very often should be stored up high on shelves so that they don’t take up space that could be used by other items. Camping gear and the decorations you use in your home during the holiday season are great candidates for these spots.
Outdoor Items
While there might be some intersection with the Long and Skinny Zone, keep items you use outside often right next to the garage door. Bicycles, yard tools, and sports equipment should all be kept there so you don’t have to dig when you want to be active outside. Plus, doing so will keep any unwanted smells from creeping into your home!
Workspace Zone
If you have a hobby, be it woodworking, mechanical repair, or even art, you’ll want to keep a space clear in your Amish built garage to do that work. Having a free space will not only make it easier to finish projects, but also remove clutter and make your hobby more enjoyable.
These spaces will all be a bit different, and no two Amish barns or garages will look exactly the same on the inside. However, using specific zones to organize the items that you store there is always smart. References: