Water and Storm Damage Restoration Projects Are Major Investments in Your Property

Extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, gusty winds, and hailstorms can cause severe property damage. There is also a risk of intense flooding and water damage. Water damage will ruin walls, floors, furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. There is a high chance of the formation of mold too.

Roof damage is common when it comes to storms. Types of roof storm damage include missing shingles caused by strong winds, damaged shingles, loss of granules on the shingles, spoilt gutters, and even ice dams.

After the storm has passed, storm restoration work must begin as soon as it’s safe. This involves inspecting your entire property, checking your utilities, and cleaning up debris. Damaged items will need to be replaced if they can’t be repaired. You can take photos of damaged items for insurance purposes.

Flying debris and falling trees produced by intense weather conditions could cause storm damage to neighbors property. Homeowners are liable for their repairs, but if their negligence caused damage to their neighbour’s property, they may be liable for that too.

Hurricane cleanup companies are common in areas prone to hurricanes. If you’ve suffered from storm damage, call storm damage clean-up and restoration companies that have good reviews and ask them for estimates.

It is nearly 7:00 pm on the Friday before Father’s Day weekend and the staple guns are still going full speed ahead. In fact, in the 15 months since last spring’s major hail storm is has been difficult to find a day during the fall, spring and summer when you have not heard the echo of staple guns carrying through the entire subdivision. The work, obviously, had to come to a halt when the winter weather arrived, but as soon as the cold weather left for good the streets were filled with work trucks, driveways were filled with pallets full of shingles, and the air was filled with transistor radio music that was competing with the noise of the staple guns.

Damage restoration after a hail storm can be a real challenge and a very big expense. When a severe weather event happens in an area, everyone is trying to get their roofs replaced, their windows fixed, and their siding repainted. As a result, it can be a challenge to even find someone who can fit you into their schedules. Those customers who commit to a contractor early are often rewarded with a damage restoration project that is completed before the end of the warm weather season and the cold weather sets in.

Home Repairs After a Storm Can be Complicated

Whether you are looking for someone to start on water damage restoration after a flood or a broken water heater or you are searching for general contractors after a storm, it is important that you act quickly. In addition to being fast, however, you also want to make sure that you are working with a reliable contractor. Because there is so much work in a concentrated area after a storm it is not uncommon for companies to bring in out of town crews to complete the thousands of jobs that need to be done. And while many of these crews attach themselves to local contractors, it is imperative that you check the references on any company that you work with. In addition, you need to make sure that if you are not on the schedule in the first few months that you are persistent with the company that you are working with.

Averaging an annual growth of 3.9%, the total revenue for the remodeling industry in the U.S. reached $83 billion in the year 2017. At least a portion of this revenue was generated by the storm recovery efforts that have been an all too common occurrence in today’s major weather events. In fact, storm data statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicate that 20,237 significant storms were recorded in the year 2016. Although that is only a slight increase from 2015, when there were 19,172, it represented the highest number of storms in about three years. These 2016 storms were significant enough to cause disruption in the asphalt shingle supply chain.

If you are in the process of looking for contractors to help with repairs after a major storm or other water issue in your home, do your research and sign with a company as soon as possible to make sure that your work gets done in a timely manner.