Western States Have A lot of Farmland, Ranches for Sale

Ranches for sale in california

Are you looking for farms for sale, or maybe a ranch? If so, maybe you should focus your search somewhere in the 12 Western states where many ranches and farms are located. These states include Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming. There are actually about 2.2 million farms spread out across the U.S., 97% of which are family farms. And you don’t have to just limit yourself to farms. Horse property, hunting ranches, a cattle ranch…these are all good types of land too look for if you’re considering joining the industry, and they’re all over the place.

Farming is estimated to continue playing a big part in the U.S. and global agriculture. Considering that, by 2050, the global population will grow so much that it will require 70% more food production, now is a good time to consider buying a farm and becoming a farmer. One of the best states you might consider looking for farms for sale is Texas. In Texas, you get more bang for your buck. Farm sizes average 523 acres, and it ranks first in the country in the sale of cattle, sheep, wool, goats, mohair, and even cotton. It also leads the country in the value of farm real estate. Texas also has more farms and ranches than any other state, and more raw land that can be converted to farmland or a ranch. So, from a buyer’s perspective, Texas is a farmer’s dream.

As stated before, the population is growing, so agriculture is going to be a big part of our future. Rather than moving to a big city and spending your days in a cubicle, it looks like it’ll be more beneficial to pick up some training on a farm, so that you can one day look into buying one yourself. Farming is going to be in demand, and right now there’s not enough people seeking jobs in that particular industry. There’s a trend to go to college and move to the cities for work right now. This trend is going to change though. Agriculture is going to have to keep up with demand, which means that the better paying jobs are going to be found on farms.

So get ahead of the curve. Look for farms for sale and find one that you think you’ll be able to make something of. It’s a risk worth taking because the future looks bright for farmers.