What Does Your Generation Look For In A New Home?

It’s no secret that different generations have different behavioral patterns, and that shows just as much in buying a home as it does anywhere else. The real estate market can be incredibly different for different generations. When looking at a home for sale, different ages will look for different factors that could influence their decision to buy. Here’s a bit more information on what different generations look for, so you can work with your real estate agents to develop a plan on what factors to highlight when selling your house to different generations.

The G.I. Generation, Silent Generation, and Baby Boomers

Older generations interact with the real estate market in a far different manner than younger generations. They are less likely to look online for homes, despite the ongoing shift towards digitizing the real estate experience. Additionally, they’re more likely to rely on a real estate agent’s opinion when looking for homes, as it’s less likely they’ve researched online.

Older generations are more likely to value accessibility, as mobility will become more challenging as they age. In order to appeal to this generation, make sure your home is easily accessible, even by those who struggle with mobility. Additionally, be sure to emphasize nearby amenities; having all your needs close by is important when mobility is a factor.

Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z

These younger generations aren’t always quite as young as people think; the oldest Millenials are currently in their thirties. Despite these generations being at the age where they’re more likely to be part of a growing family, these generations are looking at smaller homes; at 23%, millennials are the most likely to look at townhouses.

Additionally, these generations are far more likely to search for homes online before consulting real estate agents. Because they’re more familiar with technology and are better able to use it for research, they typically will show up to open houses and showings with a better idea in mind already of what the home will look like.

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