What To Know About The Benefits Of A DITY Military Move

Military moving options

A military move is a matter that you may be able to handle with professional help, but which can also be used to help you to make money. A military DITY move can occur when you are assigned to a temporary duty post, or TDY, a temporary additional duty, or TAD, or a permanent change of station. The system that has been put into place for these moves can allow armed services members to actually be reimbursed for the amount of money that it will cost for the move, as projected by your particular branch office.

Under a military moving program with DITY incentives, service members can be reimbursed for up to 100 percent of the Government Constructive Cost, or GCC, if they look into hiring their own moving companies, or receive an incentive payment amounting to 95 percent of that cost if they choose to move the property on their own. In other words, the government has provided an incentive for those in the military to cover the costs of their move, or to handle the move on their own and receive the benefits of compensation. This could be extra money in the pocket of anyone considering a military move and who has the right resources to make their DITY move as affordable and easy as possible. Military Dity moves are also referred to as personally procured moves, and while they are not recommended for moves which are taking place to bases overseas, they can be very easy to plan for across a country.

If you are planning a military move or know that one may be on the horizon, then it can help to plan your move with the assistance of a DITY move calculator which can assist you in projecting your costs according to your budget. Remember that during any DITY military move that any loss or damages which occur will not be the liability of the government, and will instead be considered the responsibility of the service member handling the military move in question. This is important to know, because it can effect your decision if you are planning to move fragile or expensive equipment yourself. A military family center at your duty relocation can provide you with more information on your military move that could help to assist you and your family through the Relocation Assistance Program, in the event that you have any questions.
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