What Will You Pay for Pool Service?

If you are a homeowner who owns a pool, you may wonder how much you will pay for pool service. In this YouTube video, viewers find out what is included in pool service and what the costs of those services might be. Let’s take a closer look at what you might expect to pay for these services.

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Weekly maintenance would include pool cleaning, brushing the walls, and cleaning the pool floor. A pool service worker would test the chemical balance of the water. The chemicals will include a solution to kill algae. Chemicals typically used include cyanuric acid, chlorine, and an algaecide.

When the pool service arrives, they will remove the branches and other debris that fall into the pool. They will be alert for any changes in pool chemistry. They will test the pool’s pH. Some pool services may include pool opening and seasonal pool closings as part of their contract.

According to Angi, the cost of a pool service will vary. The fee will depend on how often the pool worker services your pool and about which services they are contracted to perform. According to the same website, the monthly costs can be anywhere between $30 to $250 per month.