Why Summer is the Hottest Time to Give Back to Veteran Charities

Military order of the purple heart

It may seem unlikely, but summer is actually the perfect time to make veterans donations to charities and organizations that help military families. While it’s true that the majority of military charities receive the bulk of their donations during the months spanning the winter holiday season, spring and summer are actually a great time to give back as well.

Here are just reasons why now is a great time to make veterans donations in order to show your support, and ways you can get involved this spring and summer.

The weather is better

For most of the country, this past winter was really especially severe. In fact, the weather was so bad that the Red Cross reported a record blood shortage as a direct result, as many donors were unable to travel even short distances to donate blood. Now that the weather has dramatically improved, people are more likely to get out and be active, which means it’s easier to schedule veteran charity events such as fundraisers or dinners.

Spring cleaning

Spring is all about out with the old and in with the new. But before you get rid of your used clothing, why not set it aside to donate to a veteran charity? Clothing donations make excellent veterans donations, and they’re also beneficial for the environment. In addition to clothing, you can also donate home goods such as appliances, furniture, tools, and even an old car! If you’re short on time, simple contact the charity or organization to schedule a pick up time that works best for you.

Summer holidays

Between Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and everything in between, there’s plenty of opportunity to raise awareness, get involved, and make a difference all while having fun in the sun. Holidays are an excellent time to host an event to raise awareness regarding veterans’ matters and issues or participate in one for charity.