Why You Should Consider Sending Your Child To Private School

If you’re interested in private preschools near me, you are certainly not alone. Private schools are more popular than ever before, and many parents want to get their children in the private school system as soon as possible, therefore wondering about private preschools near me. In fact, a solid one fourth (at just around twenty five percent) of all school institutions in this country are now private, a number that is only likely to continue to grow in the years that are to come.

There are a number of reasons to be interested in private preschools near me as well as the best private elementary schools, the best private middle schools, and, of course, the best private high schools. For one, there is a higher level of student engagement recorded at all levels of private schools throughout the country, with only around three percent of all private school teachers citing a lack of student engagement and interest in learning as a concern that they have about the school that they work at. This is very much not true at all too many public schools in the United States, with now over twenty percent of all public school teachers having such concerns. And while some public schools are very high quality – there is no doubt about this – there’s less of likelihood that your child will be in district for such a school than simply affirming the good education that you want them to get by sending them to a private school. After all, private schools also have high levels of parent engagement and interaction with the school and the school community. Again, less than five percent of all private school teachers felt that a definable lack of parent engagement was a problem and, again, more than twenty percent of all public school teachers did feel this way. While this might feel overwhelming if you have a young child, checking out the private preschools near me can help you to realize how important an early start truly is.

Of course, high school is where school really kicks into high gear, as students are learning more complicated subject matters than ever before and are dealing with more course work and a higher workload on top of that. But high school is particularly important because, come junior year, students begin to seriously consider what college they will attend – and if they will attend college at all. If you are a parent that very much wants and expects your child to go to college, it is well within your best interests to consider a private high school anywhere in the country. Private high schools and prep schools have long had very high graduation rates, with more than ninety percent of all graduating students going on to attend college and get their bachelor’s degree – and many even go on to get even higher degrees in the future.

Much of this later success in life can be attributed to the fact that college counseling is a big part of private school life. In the typical private school, a college counselor will spend more than half of their time (fifty five percent, to be more exact) on college counseling sessions and college preparedness. Unfortunately, the same is not true for public schools, where only just over twenty percent of time is able to be spent on college counseling and counseling surrounding college readiness, something that can be attributed to a variety of reasons, primarily a lack of resources from the school itself. College entrance exams like the ACT and the SAT are also much higher at the typical private school, where the average SAT score is above 1200. Public schools, on the other hand, tend to have average SAT scores that barely top 1000.

Though high school might feel very far away indeed when you are thinking about private preschools near me, finding private preschools near me is the first step that you can make to put your child or children on the path to success. Private preschools near me allow you to direct the course of your child’s educational trajectory for years and years to come.