Why You Should Hire a Construction Site Manager for Your Home Renovations

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Construction site management used to be a concern only for large commercial construction projects. Now even homeowners are seeing the benefits of hiring a construction site manager for their renovations and remodeling projects.

As many as 35% of house remodel jobs will involve the whole home. A whole home remodel can be a hefty task to undertake. From planning the alterations to be made to subcontracting the work and acquiring the necessary materials, a lot goes into remodeling a home. Over 40% of homeowners will choose to hire a contractor to handle all of their renovations, while a quarter will opt to use a contractor and do part of the work themselves. Whether you’re planning to subcontract the entire project or keep a hand in the work, hiring someone to help with your residential construction site management can make the whole process a lot smoother.

What does a residential construction site manager do?

Whether working on a commercial or residential project, a construction site manager’s job is essentially the same. He will oversee your home construction project and ensures everything goes as planned. Your construction site manager will act as your representative, overseeing subcontractors and acting as the project manager for your home repair or remodel. Some of the responsibilities your construction site manager can take off your plate include:

  • Locating and hiring subcontractors
  • Scheduling subcontractors
  • Supervising subcontractor work
  • Troubleshooting issuess
  • Reviewing and approving change orders
  • Inspecting deliveries
  • Cost estimating
  • Ordering necessary materials and equipment
  • Negotiating for discounts on materials
  • Helping with permits and inspections
  • Reviewing bills

Along with providing construction site management, a construction site manager can sometimes provide architectural services as well. He can help evaluate plans, handle permits and inspections, and approve change orders. In most cases, the construction site manager is a primarily advisory role, with you, as the homeowner, making the final decisions. That being said, you could certainly find a site manager who is able to take on a great role at your discretion.

Who are construction site managers?

So who exactly is this person so qualified to provide residential construction site management for your home renovation? He could be a licensed architect. More likely he’s a former or current general contractor. Construction site managers work a lot like general contractors, in that they help coordinate the overall project, however a construction site manager can subcontract outside of his own unit, whereas a general contractor will come with a crew in hand and often use only them.

Many construction site managers will provide a sort of hybrid service wherein they act as a general contractor but in a construction site manager role. In this approach, the homeowner often oversees the subcontractors while the construction site manager helps supervise the job site. In a construction site manager role, he would act more as your fiduciary than a general contract. A construction site manager provides a level of resources and overall construction site management that’s broader in scope than that of a general contractor.

When should you hire a construction site manager?

A construction site manager can be your eyes and ears on the site. He supervises people, equipment, and deliveries, and helps keep everyone honest and diligent. He can also be your knowledge resource, someone whose experience and expertise you can turn to along the way. If you want to take a hand in your project, perhaps acting as your own general contractor, but lack the knowledge or experience to supervise it alone, a construction site manager can be a great resource.

If your home project will require a lot of subcontractors, having someone to help coordinate their efforts can ensure everything goes smoothly. A construction site manager can also help you get the best people for the best price to do the job.

If you want to ensure your home renovations come out as you envision them, but lack the time or desire to spend countless hours at the site supervising every little thing, hire a construction site manager.

In conclusion

Construction site management can be a chore, particularly for those who have full-time jobs already. If you’re among the 40% of homeowners planning to renovate this year, you could do well to save yourself headaches and time by hiring a residential construction site manager.