3 Important Aspects of Academic Success

High school

This week marks back to school for many students. After a long summer, students will dive back into the school routine. They will spend their days taking classes and socializing with their peers. To some, these classes may seem like a waste of time. However, if you enroll your child in the best schools in your area, you will find that they are a valuable part of preparing them for future success.

It all begins with preschool

Some view preschool as a type of daycare. You decide that it is time to go back to work and you cannot leave your child at home. So, you choose the closest preschool program and enroll them. Preschool is actually very important to your child?s academic development and should be carefully researched and chosen. The best preschools are about much more than providing daycare. Instead, they focus on developing important academic and social skills. These same skills will better prepare the child for their upcoming school enrollment. In fact, in a review of three separate studies, 80% of children who participated in preschool programs outperformed their peers who did not participate in high quality early care and education programs.

The benefits of a private school

Most parents, at some time or another, compare the benefits of private school against public school. There are actually many proven advantages of private schools that should be carefully considered. Currently, there are 30,861 private schools in the United States, serving 5.3 million PK to 12 students. Some of the advantages of private schools include preparation for test taking skills, more one on one teacher attention, and a greater variety of academic curriculum. For example, many public schools have gotten rid of fine arts programs and after school programs because of budget cuts. Fine arts and after school programs are important in developing a well rounded academic individual.

The one on one attention is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of private schools. A child that falls behind may struggle for many years because each grade builds upon the previous grade. In a study completed by the Fraser Institute in 2007, 91% of parents surveyed said the dedication of the teachers was their main reason for choosing private school. Many public schools are overwhelmed with high student counts and low student teacher counts. When a child does not receive the academic attention that they need, they are less likely to succeed in school. The best way to give your child that chance is to provide them with the one on one attention that private schools offer.

Academic success is found at home too

Your child?s school, whether it is public or private should not be solely depended upon to provide academic success. When children leave their schoolwork and lessons at school, they tend to forget them easier. This can also make the transition from middle school to high school and from high school to college more difficult. Academic success is also found at home. It is important for the parent to be actively involved in the child?s education. They should be a part of their college preparations, test taking studying sessions, and in understanding what is going on at the school. Parents are also more likely to feel satisfied with their child?s education if they are actively involved in it. Another one of the advantages of private schools is that they tend to offer more opportunities for parent involvement.

Back to school season is here. It is time to focus on our children and their academic success. An academically successful child requires a good school, an educational plan catered to their needs, and strong parent involvement. While these things are often found in the private school setting, parent involvement is just as important. Make sure your child is set up for academic success and you will find that they have an easier time in their educational setting.