The Three Concepts That Will Make Your Home Office Amazing

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Mnay people are doing a great deal more work from home these days than they have ever done before. The advances in technology and the workplace culture, in general, have made working from home more of a regularity and much less an anomaly that you only wish your company would allow you to do.

Working from home has also led to the growth of the home office. Where the home office used to be a place at the kitchen table where distractions all day long could make for rather unproductive work sessions, these days, the home office is a dedicated room in the home where it’s all business. Your favorite mid century modern desk chair and your favorite photographs might not work with the rest of your home’s decor, but your home office might be just the place for them

In order to make that home office a place where you have the type of atmosphere that will be the most productive for what you need to get done every day, take a little bit of time and decorate that office the way you would at work. Here are three concepts to keep in mind to help you do just that.

1.) Begin with function in mind.

When you decorate a room, there is more than just visual appeal to keep in mind. You need the space to work for you, to function well for what it is you need to get done in there. When you choose your furniture, go for a look you enjoy. A mid century modern desk chair might be just the thing for the look you are trying to create. If it works with the desk you have, keep it. If not, choose something else but make sure it is a chair that is comfortable as well as stylish. After all, you’re the one who is going to be sitting in it all day.

2.) Consider your lighting

Lighting is important for visual appeal, to be sure. At the same time, it must be selected for the functions of the room first. If you cannot see well from you mid century modern desk chair or if the lighting or lack thereof is putting a strain on your eyes, then you need to find something that will alleviate that strain. Accent lights to enhance textures or colored lights for a softer look might help give you the kind of ambiance you desire.

3.) Arrange the room with care.

Take the time before you decorate to measure everything in the room you will be using as your office. Measure the windows. Measure the space between electrical outlets. Know the dimensions of your space. Once you know where everything can go, use the rule of three. The rule of three states that odd numbers of things work better than even numbers. For example, hanging three pictures in a set on the wall will catch and hold the eye better than four. Knick-knacks that go on your desk on or the bookshelves will look more pleasing than six of them.

Your home office is where you are going to be spending a great deal of your work time. Whether you work from home exclusively or just part time, you want your office to be a place of work. The rest of your house is for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you decide on rustic furniture, modern industrial furniture, mid century furniture, and any other style that suits your style, make your office space comfortable and practical and you will always love what you do.