4 Beautiful Ways to Get Married

Residential events

When I was planning my wedding one of the most stressful parts was figuring out where to get married. Great grandma insisted on her church that I had never been to, aunt Sally wanted to pay for the venue but only had $200, my sister wanted a beach wedding and in the end I just wanted to give up and go to the court in secret! It was an awful time trying to please everyone but if I could give you any piece of advice, you are making memories for you and your husband or wife to be, not everyone else in the world. The truth is, they will have a great time wherever the wedding is held because they love you. So, let’s go over some great places to have a wedding and then you can be the one to choose.

Beach weddings
If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, this can be one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding. You could have the ceremony, the pictures and the reception all right there. My suggestion is to rent out a private beach so you don’t have any unwanted wedding crashers. Chair rentals are optional, depending on what the atmosphere of your wedding is going to be. A more formal setting would require chairs and tables but a laid back, casual setting with the nothing more then some nice blankets or towels spread out on the sand for your guests to sit on.

Tent wedding
Tent rentals for weddings come in many different shapes and sizes but all are so beautiful. You could get a tent that has an area to hang chandeliers and romantic lighting or you could go canopy style with airy openings and flowing fabric. You could also use separate tents all over the reception. For example, place a tent with a hanging light over each table. Tent rentals for weddings can also be more for decoration then function. If the building already has a roof or pillars, layers of soft fabric can be hung, tent fashion, around the venue. Tents are also good for rustic theme if you add in some greenery and simple cake candles with wooden furniture to lounge in.

Church wedding
Getting married in the Catholic Church can be a little more complicated if you are not a regular member but it is doable if it is important to you. You will need about six to 12 months before your wedding to coordinate with the priest. One of the couple must be a confirmed Catholic with documentation. There may be the face readiness test or handbooks that need to be read and pre-marriage counseling to go through.

Hotel wedding
This is by far the easiest kind of wedding because the hotel will generally set up all the tables and chairs for you and cater and it is all included in one price as well a as well as take care of the cleanup. They take care of all the party rental equipment and even party linen rentals if you ask for it. This can get a little pricey but it is very stress free and just as beautiful as any other kind of wedding.

Backyard wedding

As you can see there are plenty of options for you whether it consists of tent rentals for weddings or a backyard party, whatever your dream is make it happen and don’t let anyone stop you.