4 Qualities to Look for Regarding a Day School

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Part of raising a child is ensuring that they receive a proper education. Many parents enroll their children in day schools in order for them to obtain a quality education. That being said, you might find that there are multiple day schools in your vicinity. Considering that, here are four things to think about regarding what to look for in a day school.

  1. Range of Programs Offered to Students

    You’ll want to send your child to a school where they have plenty of options to learn about a wide range of subjects. Unfortunately, many public schools face budget cuts that often removes extracurricular activities from their agendas due to cost concerns. On the other hand, many day schools promote and encourage children to take a wide range of these types of courses. You’ll find most day schools offer courses related to fine arts, drama, and many other activities.
  2. Taking Care to Tend to a Child’s Future

    When considering what to look for in a day school, it’s important to think about how these environments feel about the future of your child. It’s important that a school has counselors available that are there to help guide students towards a bright future. Sadly, many public schools are unable to have counselors that can offer such time to students. In fact, statistics show that counselors at private schools spend nearly 55% of their time counseling students related to college matters while this occurs only 22% of the time with public school counselors.
  3. Academic Record of the School

    You’ll find it important to find information related to the day school that you might send your child to. A major aspect of what to look for in a day school is that they have good academic records. Statistics show that national average SAT scores for a private school student is 1235 while the average public school score is 1060. In many cases, simply asking for information related to these scores or similar data should put you in touch with someone who can help you with this request.
  4. Condition of School Itself

    In many cases, you’ll be invited to visit a day school for yourself to see what a typical day looks like. During this visit, it’s important to take note of the school itself. You’ll want to see a thriving place filled with computer labs, nice classrooms, and happy people. Statistics show that 25% of all schools throughout the United States are some form of a private school. Take your time to ensure that you’ve found the right school for your child when considering that you have plenty of options.

To summarize, there are several important aspects to consider which choosing which day school to place your child in. You’ll want to find a school that is able to provide students with a wide range of academic programs. It’s also important that day school counselors are on hand to be able to help children with whatever is on their minds, especially in regards to preparing for college. You’ll want to ensure that a day school maintains a good academic record. It’s important to accept an invitation to a day school in order to find out its overall condition.