Split Adjustable Beds Two Solutions In One Bed

Adjustable bed

So you want an adjustable bed. You have done all the research, read all the testimonials, and you find yourself ready and willing to give it a shot. But your spouse is not as sure as you. Is there any solution?

Tell your sweet hubby or wife that adjustable beds today can be customized for two sleepers. One sleeper need not dictate the angle of the bed while the other must simply grin and bear it, even if they might want their feet just a bit higher, or their head a just a teensy bit lower. Our bodies are all different, and now your adjustable bed can accommodate more than one adjustment.

Split control beds are becoming more and more common for couples, as more and more people are intrigued by the individual customization afforded by adjustable beds. A common concern is the potential for bumping into a section of raised mattress as you adjust your position in the night. But in fact, since an adjustable bed may alleviate the majority of your tossing and turning, the issue may never even come up! If your body is more comfortable throughout the night, you are far less likely to seek a new position.

A good night of sleep can be a balm to any relationship. And now, thanks to split adjustable beds, couples can enjoy individual customization and stay next to each other the whole night through. Good references here.

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