5 Ideas That Will Enhance Party Venues Without Straining Your Pocketbook

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Whether planning a corporate event, company retreat, or a wedding reception finding the perfect party venues can be a tedious task. Not only do you have to pick an event venue that fits your budget but also has the ability to capture your vision and theme as closely as possible. Therein lies the biggest issue. Most party venues are economically friendly but are lackluster in visual appeal or absolutely beautiful to the eye yet too expensive. If you are not event planning on a dime this dilemma does not apply, however, if you are experiencing quite the opposite here are a few tips that will hopefully aide in your choice of party venues.

Tip #1: Become Your Own Party Planner
Often times party venues will either force their planner on you or offer package deals. Although the package deals may “save money” initially, you will soon find that it would come at the cost of stifling your overall vision. You could instead book the venue and opt for the A La Ca–rte package thus allowing you to shop around for better deals.

Tip #2: Try To Plan Your Event During Unpopular Seasons/Times
This is a big one for wedding receptions and/or wedding ceremonies. With nearly 2.4 million weddings performed yearly it is almost impossible to narrow a less than popular date. There are some research studies that indicate about 15% of couples are choosing June. We could even go a step further and highlight summer as the wedding time of the year. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding and want to minimize the cost as much as possible try to avoid late May, June, July, and Early August. This is especially true for beach wedding places as well.

Tip #3: Keep Your Guest List As Concise As Possible
Most event venues provide tables and chairs which is a”complementary” addition that accompanies a guest limit. Once you go over that amount the price sky rockets. To avoid this debacle keep a magic number for guests in your mind and pick wisely. Also give your guests a plus 1 only warning. This tidbit is most certainly appropriate for those who are planning a wedding. In 2014 alone most weddings accommodated over 130 people.

Tip #4: To Cater or Not To Cater
Depending on your event, caterers can be a bit over rated. Why hire a caterer for intimate events, such as baby showers, when you can simply potluck. The more informal your event the less likely your guests would mind bringing a dish.

Tip #5: Create The Decor Yourself
With the phenomenon known as YouTube and Pintrest, it would make it easier to get a few friends together and make the decoration you need. This way you can capture your vision completely while cutting out the middle man.

Remember these tips when deciding on a party venue and you are sure to create lasting memories that wont break your bank.