5 Things Not to Do When Choosing a Storage Company

Wine storage units

There are plenty of good reasons to consider self storage units. You can reduce clutter in your home, save on rent by downsizing your regular living space, protect investments like boats and RVs or make occasional processes like moving less of a headache. But choosing a self storage company can be somewhat tricky as you’re trying to balance — as almost all people are — quality and price. Here are five common mistakes you shouldn’t make in your search:

  1. Don’t Make Decisions Based on Sample Units

    When it comes to storage unit rentals, people are often shown a clean, upper-floor unit on their scouting visit, only to find out later that their stuff will be shoved in a dank basement unit. Always ask the self storage company if you can see the actual unit you’ll be renting. If that’s not possible for some legitimate reason, ask to see more than one unit so you’ll have a fuller picture of what the facility is like.

  2. Don’t Over- or Underutilize Reviews

    Almost any storage facility will have online reviews, either good or bad. If reviews show a consistent trend, then they can be useful. But don’t freak out over one bad review or pick a facility because of one good review; all online reviews are heavily subjective, and can be motivated by a wide variety of emotions.

  3. Don’t Get Caught Up on Location

    If you live in a major metro area, there are probably dozens of self storage locations within driving distance, so don’t get caught up in choosing the very closest one that you can. It’s better to drive a few minutes longer than it is to store your belongings in a sub-par space.

  4. Don’t Discount the Importance of Office Hours

    When you’re comparing hours, pay attention to the difference between gate hours and office hours. The former refers to when you’ll be able to access your belongings. But if you have any problems or need to discuss changes in your rental agreement, that will require office visits. So picking a company that only has hours in the middle of the day on weekdays might be a problem if you work traditional hours.

  5. Don’t Make a Decision Rashly

    Don’t allow any company to pressure you into making a decision sooner than you’re comfortable. Choosing a storage unit can take close to as much deliberation as choosing a living space; while you won’t actually spend much time there, the possessions that you’ve invested in and collected over the years will. So it’s worth taking your time.

Do you have any tips to share on choosing or working with a self storage company? Add your ideas in the comments.