What to Expect From Million Dollar Homes

Buying your dream house

When house hunting, most people look at houses up to $5,000 over their price range, in case the seller is willing to take a lower price. What people tend to not do is look at houses that cost multiple times what they are willing to spend. In case you are one of those people who don’t look at exorbitantly-priced homes, but are curious what’s out there, we have compiled this list of a few of the most expensive luxury homes for sale.

  • The most expensive house currently for sale in the United States is a beautiful 6-story mansion located in New York’s Upper East Side. Florida Panthers owner Frank Viola, the home’s current owner, is asking $114.07 million for the house, which includes a two-story movie theatre, closets that double as panic rooms, and an onyx-lined elevator.
  • If your plans for buying your dream house does not include a New York mansion, fear not. There are more luxury homes for sale in other parts of the country. For example, for only $99 million, you can own a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Boasting 23,512 square feet, the Palm Beach home also has a home theatre, but you won’t find the tennis courts or ocean-facing swimming pool replicated in New York.
  • If you prefer the West Coast when buying luxury real estate, there is a home out there for you, too. For $195 million, you can purchase a 43,000 square foot estate located on 25 acres in Beverly Hills. With its own bowling alley and discotheque, you could entertain yourself indoors for days, but the home’s real interest point is outside, where you will find a functional vineyard and formal gardens.

While you may not obtain a vineyard or home theatre when buying your first home, you can comfort yourself by thinking of all the money you are saving when you purchase a house that suits your specific needs. And who knows? Maybe the money you save buying a normal house will go toward the down payment on your own luxury estate in the future. Research more like this.