Add Quaint Charm With A Copper Farmhouse Sink

Copper farmhouse sink

When someone wants to add a little quaint charm that harkens back to another era, there are few easier ways than adding a copper farmhouse sink to the home. Even if there is not a full renovation being done, a copper farmhouse sink is a great way to add some old fashioned character to any room.

Of all the copper sinks one of the most common is the copper farmhouse sink, which is a deep sink that is typically installed in kitchens these days. The sink is quite distinctive thanks to its deep profile and is the perfect sink for doing any kind of kitchen work, from preparing veggies to washing dishes. These kinds of copper sinks can handle anything that occurs in the kitchen and will do so in stunning fashion. They are hammered by hand and come in a variety of styles. Many are sold plain but others come in different finishes such as an apron front and can be adjusted to match any style of kitchen.

While someone probably would not put a copper farmhouse sink in the bathroom there are actually other sinks that are perfect for a bathroom. These beautiful sinks can either be copper vessel sinks or they might be installed into the counter like normal sinks. These kinds of sinks are notable for their hammered bowls, which create a shimmering pattern. Others look less rustic and have been polished to a sheen.

Copper and the copper farmhouse sink have a long and storied past. Many might not know this, but it is actually one of the oldest metals known to man and has been known of since about 8000 BC. Back then it was used as one of the first forms of currency and therefore was a sign of wealth. For the super rich back in 8000 BC a copper bathtub meant that someone had really made it.

Copper was not just pretty to look at. In fact it was actually quite valuable because it was so malleable and easy to work with. Because people had limited tools to work with so long ago, copper was preferred thanks to its ease of use. Everyone from the military to housewives coveted good made from copper. These days there are obviously a wide array of metals that are more valuable than copper, stronger than copper and even easier to work with than copper. However, copper remains a valuable piece of history and an important link to the past.