Add Tent Rentals to Your Party To-Do List

When it comes to planning a wedding, Sweet 16 Party, or other big event, it is the details that make all the difference. Choosing a theme, getting invitations, decorations, food, and activities. It is no surprise that party planning has become such a big industry as many people hand the details over to a professional so they can just enjoy themselves.

When planning an outdoor event, it is important to make sure everything is thought and you are prepared for anything that might happen. Renting chairs and tables is important if they venue does no provide them. It is also important to look into tent rentals. Even if the weather is expected to be perfect, a tent provides much needed respite from the sun.

The trends in outdoor weddings are constantly changing as colors are connected to seasons and brides want to imitate the lavish weddings of their favorite celebrities. From pastels to primaries and burlap to sail cloth, there will always be changes in the party scene.

For many a Sweet 16 Party can turn into an event as lavish and over the top as any wedding. These parties range from $300 to $25,000 as young girls plan their dream event for all their family and friends. Much like weddings, outdoor events are always popular, which means tent rentals and more.

Wedding linen rentals will ensure your outdoor wedding doesn’t feel like a backyard event. Renting fabric table clothes and napkins will bring a higher level of elegance to any event’ particularly an outdoor one.

Another important item to remember is a dance floor. The downside to outdoor weddings is the lack of a suitable dance area. Grass can be too soft and hard to move around in, but concrete or stone are too hard and can hurt the joints. A wood dance floor is always the best option, and dancing at large events will always be popular.

Renting a wood dance floor for an outdoor event allows guests to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and warmth while also getting their grove on. It doesn’t matter if you go with a D.J. or live music, a dance floor is a necessity. Be sure to know what size tent you are renting prior to renting the dance floor to ensure the two will go together.

Ideally, the tent should be large enough to hold the dance floor, food, and tables for people to sit and eat. While you may choose to put tables outside the tent for those who want to sit in the sun, the dance floor should go under the tent. Tent rentals also create a more intimate feel despite the event being outside in a wide open space.