Bed Bug Infestation Shuts Down Missouri Hospital

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A Missouri hospital is under fire after temporarily shutting down for bed bugs. Cox South Hospital closed on June 11 after cleaning staff discovered a bed bug infestation in the establishment’s waiting room. Officials immediately shut down the waiting room for professional bed bug treatment and bed bug pest control services.

Hospital Waiting Room Infested With Beg Bugs

“On Tuesday, June 10 our housekeeping staff reported possible bed bugs in the waiting room of our Neuro Trauma Intensive Care Unit. The waiting room was closed and a local pest exterminator is treating the area. Our environmental services department (EVS) will thoroughly clean the waiting room before opening it later today,” hospital staff wrote in a statement. Cox South Hospital representatives added that the infestation was likely due to people bringing outside items and personal belongings into the waiting room. They encouraged patrons who may have an especially long wait — especially waits requiring an overnight stay — to find arrangements or accommodations for extended visits, instead of sleeping in the hospital.

Do You Have Bed Bugs? Know The Signs

Eco friendly bed bug treatments, natural bed bug treatments, and thermal heat treatment for bed bugs are all effective, but largely unnecessary unless you truly have a problem on your hands. How do you know if it’s time to look into thermal heat treatment for bed bugs?

The most likely signs of bed bugs are exoskeletons (bed bugs can shed their skin), small red splotches of blood, or black dots, according to The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Sometimes, bed bug infestations will be accompanied by a musky and/or sweet smell.

Is your establishment or home riddled with bed bugs? Look out for tell-tale signs of bed bug infestations and take care of them if necessary, before it comes to closures and scandal. Get more on this here: