Support Good Sleep with Electric Adjustable Beds

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Getting a good night of sleep can be a challenge, even to some one who is active and in good health. Since the spine is has natural S-curve, a traditional flat mattress allows gaps to form where the spine is not supported. As a result, many people suffer from problems sleeping at night on a traditional flat mattress. The National Sleep Foundation has found that medical issues such as back and neck pain, TMJ, and headaches are the leading causes of a poor night of sleep. To sleep better at night, electric adjustable beds may provide a better option in the ways to get a good night sleep.
As an authority on sleep hygiene and using sleep to promote good health, the National Sleep Foundation found that 15 percent of the American population report having chronic pain from sleeping in the wrong position. They believe electric adjustable beds may help by taking the pressure off certain areas of the body and promoting sleep comfort.
Electric adjustable beds are available in all bed sizes and offer a variety of mattress types, including memory foam so users can find the best sleep mattress for their personal needs. Finding natural ways to sleep better at night are a priority for some people and electric adjustable beds can offer a possible solution by providing better support for the whole body.
When sitting on the couch or in a chair, the top half of the body is supported. Electric adjustable beds provide this same support while in bed making reading or watching television more comfortable. By keeping the head elevated, electric adjustable beds may also help minimize nighttime gastric reflux or heartburn. For people who experience swelling or poor circulation of the legs, electric adjustable beds let them tilt the legs up to prevent the edema without being stretched or contorted into an unnatural position. Low pack pain may also be relieved when using electric adjustable beds because the adjustable bed may conform more to the body to provide contoured support of the spine. Some electric adjustable beds offer optional heat and massage, which can be a form of relaxation while serving as additional relief and treatment for pain and discomfort.
Getting better sleep requires lifestyle factors that promote good health, such as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Changing to a good pillow and keeping a cool temperature in the bedroom at night can often also support a better night sleep. But, if making those changes does not seem to help or provide relief, electric adjustable beds offer another option for sleeping better. Read more like this.

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