Cheap Wedding Reception Halls Can Make for Memorable Events

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It is 60 days and counting. Just 67 more days until Saturday, June 15th, 2016.
The young couple, after dating for five, years has finally set the date and in case you forget it, they mailed reminder cards for all of their wedding and reception gifts, as well as updating their social media site.
It should come as no surprise that a couple who has a website to keep their family and friends up to date on their wedding plans would also have had an elaborate proposal. The groom’s approach started with an early morning walk through the tallgrass trail of the Sand Hills known as the Stuhr Prairie.
They couple headed six miles southeast of town ready to see the beautiful land of the Konza Prairie. When they arrived and started walking, the groom told the bride they had to find the most beautiful view. “We won’t know until we’re finished, right?” she asked. He agreed, but as they were walking he continued to point out, “This is a beautiful view” or “Now, this is a more beautiful view.” When they finally reached the top of the hill, they could see the entire breathtaking valley below. “This is it,” the groom said, “this is the most beautiful view.” As the bride turned around she saw her future groom was down on one knee, holding a small black box. “Take off those sunglasses so I can see your eyes,” he requested. “Is this really happening?” she replied. He opened the small black box and inside was the engagement ring. “Will you will marry me?” he asked.
The answer was,” Yes.”
The four mile walk through the rest of the prairie grass loop was a blur as the couple planned and dreamed. To the bride’s surprise, her fiancee had already worked out many of the details with her parents. She, of course, would plan the decorations, the dresses, and the meals, but he had already talked to her parents and the date had been set and the locations had been secured. What started out as a walk through the tall grasses of the plains turned into a moment to remember.
Beautiful Weddings Do Not Have to Cost a Fortune
Just like a walk through the plains, a wedding does not have to cost a fortune to be the perfect event. Whether you look for expensive or cheap wedding reception halls, the time spent with family and friends is still the goal. In fact, reception locations get booked months, and sometimes more than a year, in advance. Finding the cheap wedding reception halls is often the biggest task that many brides face. Many places for wedding receptions also include catering and drink contracts, so the decision of where to have a dance and a dinner is often a complicated combination of finding event venues that include food prices that are affordable. Cheap wedding reception halls, however, often let the wedding party cater in their own food.
One of the most popular social media memes about wedding planning says, “I have every little detail of my wedding planned. Now all I need is a boyfriend.” Funny, but true. In today’s digital world, the 2.4 million weddings that are planned in America today often strive to be unique. This means that not all of these weddings will be held in the clubhouse of a country club. Instead, wedding parties look for cheap wedding reception halls that let them customize their special day with fewer regulations and restrictions. In fact, 40% of brides and grooms indicate that creating a unique ceremony is one of the biggest goals that they have.
Outdoor Weddings and Receptions Continue to Grow in Popularity
Nearly 35% of weddings are outdoor affairs. Having an alternative plan for weather, however, can make these weddings more challenging to plan. Finding a creative reception location though can serve a double purpose. With a quick change in the arrangement of chairs, for example, an outdoor wedding could take place in the reception location.
It is true that wedding planning is about the details. It also requires flexibility and the willingness to work within a budget. Are you ready to say, “Yes” to making the plans you need to create your memorable wedding?