Commercial Plowing Companies Work Around the Clock Once the Snow Falls

As your family is still recovering from a crazy, wet, and wild Labor Day weekend, it can be difficult to think about the weather that will be here before we know it. Unfortunately, however, as soon as Labor Day passes, it is just a few short months before the snow starts swirling and the winds start howling. And while you may be a business owner who is still paying to have someone mow and edge your lawn, it is important to realize that you also have to put plans in place for what you will do when the winter weather arrives.

Snow storms may seem a few months off, it is important to hire a contractor sooner rather than later. If you wait until the first sets of snow flakes fall you may not be able to get anyone to get to your home driveway or business parking lot cleared.

Snow Removal Companies Offer a Number of Important Services
From throwing out sand when the ice hits and plowing when the snow falls, there are a number of services that plowing services can offer. Getting your driveway cleared so that you can get to work and making sure that your business parking lots are cleared so that customers can in and make their purchases is important. You will not, however, get these tasks completed if you do not reserve these services ahead of time.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the snow removal industry and the role that it plays in the economy of the nation:

  • Six inches of wet snow is equal to the weight of about 38 inches of dry snow, because wet snow is considerably heavier than dry, fluffy snow.
  • Between the years 2012 and 2017, the snow plowing industry saw a growth of 2.4%.
  • Businesses must take care of snow removal because a workers compensation claim for a snow- or ice-related injury amounts to an average of $48,000, according to a recent study, .
  • In fact, 1 million Americans suffer injuries due to slip and fall accidents each year, with the risk of injury increasing drastically during the months of winter.
  • Although snow totals across the country can vary from year to year, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is one of the top ten snowiest cities in the country, according to
  • Hiring a professional snow plow crew makes clearing snow much easier, and safer. In fact, every year snow shoveling is responsible for as many as 100 deaths in the U.S.

It may still be summer according to the temperatures this week, but we all know that in the next few months we will start to see a change in the temperatures and before we know it we could be dealing with a foot of snow that needs to be cleared.