The Best Playground 3 Elements for Maximum Fun and Learning

Playtime is essential to children’s health, happiness, and even brain development. Studies have shown the necessity of children to having regular opportunities for a various gross motor activities. Children without this activity and interaction in their first six years will face a lifetime of limited mental and physical agility. Include these three playgroudn elements to design a fun, engaging park that best fosters children’s’ mental and physical activity.

  • A Theme
    Anyone who’s seen playgrounds know that they can be a one-size-fits-all experience. At the end of the day, a slide is a slide, and monkey bars are pretty much the same all around the world. One trick to take a playground to the next level is to incorporate a theme in its design. Instead of a random collection of obstacles in primary colors, why not design a playspace that looks like an intergalactic space station? Wouldn’t a jungle gym be so much cooler if the using the climbing playground actually felt like an ascent to the canopy of a rainforest? Choosing colors and playground parts that fit a theme will not only engage children with the playground’s physical space, but will also spark their imagination.
  • Surprises
    Playgrounds are more than spaces for kids to let loose their boundless energy. A play area that engages a child’s intellect and curiosity will keep them engaged for hours of exploration. Hiding places, trinkets in corners, paintings in unexpected places will all tickle children’s sense of wonder. Being so much smaller than adults, their days are spent much closer to the ground and other objects. The big wow elements may be lost on a toddler, but that tiny window under the tube slide might be their favorite place to play.
  • Variety for Different Kinds of Play and Abilities
    Not all children want to run and jump and climb, and not all children can. Creating a park that encourages community through a variety of play options will bring even more people to the space. Variety encourages children to engage in creative kinds of play, and ensures that children with injuries or children with disabilities can still have playtime that is essential to their growth. Use swing seats designed for different bodies and climbing playgrounds with different heights in the same areas, so that children of different abilities and age levels can still play alongside one another and no one feels like an outsider.

Children love to play, and they need to play to stay healthy. By following these tips, you can make your new swinging, jumping and climbing playground a learning adventure