Could Your Las Vegas Home Have Lead Paint?

Prior to 1978, lead was a paint ingredient that helped fasten the drying process and add durability and moisture resistance. Due to the severe health risks associated with lead paints, authorities banned the use of lead in home paints.
People can check their homes for lead paint or call a lead paint renovation service to do it for them. According to the video, authorities such as the EPA have rules regarding lead paint for houses built before 1978.

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So how can someone check for lead paint in their home?

Do a Chemical Test

People can buy chemical tests such as 3M’s LeadCheck swabs to test if the paint in their home contains lead paint. The package comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Send a Paint Sample to a Lab

People can also scratch paint off a surface, such as a window, and send the sample to an NLAAP-certified lab that will analyze the paint sample for lead.

Use an XRF Gun

The last option is using an XRF gun, albeit a certification from the EPA is required. For this method, people can also call a certified pro to do it for them.