Deciding on the Best Venue for Your Wedding

Best wedding places

As people seek to personalize their wedding ceremonies, they’re paying more attention to finding good wedding places. These may be spots that have a special meaning for you, or that reflect your personality and values. However, when picking wedding venues, some practical considerations are necessary. A beach may be a beautiful setting for a wedding in June but not at the height of winter. When you make your wedding plans, you also need to keep in mind the convenience of your guests, as well as catering arrangements.

Winter, spring, summer or fall?

Summer weddings are the most popular, but there’s something to be said for each season. June is the most popular month for weddings, and 15% of all weddings take place then. Summer is also a good season for your family friends, especially those with kids. Since school’s out, it’s easier to travel.

Spring and Fall weddings work if you’re particularly fond of those seasons. It may be a good idea to schedule the wedding for a holiday weekend to make it easier for guests to attend. Fall and winter weddings ca easily pick up seasonal themes in dresses, decorations, and food. Catering for events in the Fall and winter includes tents and potable heaters, so the celebration can take a place in a cozy atmosphere.

Indoors or outdoors?

That’s another major decision and in the end it depends on your personal preference. Gardens and beaches are good wedding places, and highly popular. Like other party venues, they should be booked well in advance, because they tend to be popular. More than a third, or 35% of all weddings are outdoor events.

A outdoor wedding location must be accessible to the caterers, as well as to older relatives and friends. Many outdoor wedding venues can have uneven ground; however wedding supply companies can do wonders in terms of setting up unusual wedding venues, smoothing or building walkways, setting up canopies and wedding ballrooms and adding suitable lighting.

Daytime or evening?

Once you’ve gone over the list of good wedding places and made your choice, you need to decide if it will be a daytime wedding or an evening event. Wedding cocktail hours are becoming popular, and spending on cocktail hours had risen to 76% from 69% of total wedding expenses in 2010.

However, afternoon weddings are still the commonest, with more than half or 53% of all weddings happening in the afternoon; evenings are the second most popular time for weddings, with 31% taking place in the evening. Mornings are the least popular time for a wedding, with only 16% scheduled in the morning.

Wedding halls should be added to the list of good wedding places, because of their convenience and versatility. They are easy to reach for guests and caterers, and have all facilities that guests might need. They can be decorated in any way, to match the theme of your wedding. Like other good wedding places, wedding halls get booked up early, and it’s advisable to make your wedding plans at least 9 to 12 months in advance.