Adjustable Beds How They Can Change Your Life For The Better

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For some, a night of undisturbed sleep can be taken for granted. While we all need sleep, some of us find it more difficult to achieve than others would. There are many reasons why you might have trouble sleeping. Some find that their lack of sleep is the result of an underlying issue, like sleep apnea. Others might think that they’re sleeping, when in fact they’re not getting the “right” kind of sleep. The right kind of sleep is REM sleep — only during this kind of sleep will you get the rest that you really need. Those who are uncomfortable when sleeping — and experience nightmares — are unlikely to get the amount of REM sleep they really need. Another issue is that many people who need a good night’s sleep are unable to get it due to their pain issues. Chronic pain can be a major deterrent to a good night’s sleep, as well as any rest associated with it. In fact, it’s doubly problematic in that a bad night’s sleep exacerbates any chronic pain issues a person already has. A poor mattress also hurts a person further, which is why a it’s good to look for a bed adjustable to all styles and preferences. A bed adjustable in numerous ways can greatly affect your quality of sleep — for the better. And below, we’ll explore how that works.

How Much Sleep We Should Get Versus How Much We Actually Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the amount of sleep most adults should be getting is seven to nine hours Although some variations exist, this is typically the ideal amount of sleep for most people. It’s estimated that 56% of people get enough sleep — regardless of the amount they should get — while 43% say that they could use more sleep. In fact, 43% of people between the ages of 13 and 64 report rarely or never getting as much sleep as they need on the weeknights in particular. As discussed above, there are many reasons why people don’t get as much as sleep as they should. Many believe that they do — in part because they count the amount of time starting from when they decided to sleep to when they wake as sleep. In reality, 91% of American adults revealed that they’re always or sometimes awake at some point in the night. Wakefulness can severely impact a person’s ability to sleep.

How A Bed Adjustable In Style Can Better Your Sleep Experience

There are many ways in which a bed adjustable in style can change your sleep experience. For one thing, there are actually many ways in which a bed can adjust. If you’re feeling tired due to your mattress being overheated, you aren’t alone. An estimated 86% of people wake in the middle of the night due a temperature-related problem. They’re too hot or cold, even tending to kick off their sheets in the middle of the night. Luckily, a supportive bed is not only comfortable in the way that it’s built, but in it’s temperature as well. The temperature of a bed can be adjusted to suit each person’s needs. This creates a much more comfortable experience. Adjustable beds are usually made of materials that are already more comfortable to the average person. They also are adjustable in position. The position of a bed can greatly change a person’s ability to sleep. Most mattresses are completely flat, which doesn’t necessarily suit every person’s specific health needs. In particular, this is relevant to couples. Couples often feel the need to sleep in the same bed; this fosters intimacy, which is very important. But at the same time, not all people have the same sleep needs. As such, it’s vital that couples with different sleep preferences have adjustable beds. Each side of the bed can be adjusted in both temperature and position.

You shouldn’t give up sleep over a mattress. Make the move towards an adjustable bed as soon as possible.