Do You Have Used Clothing Donations That You Are Ready to Give Away?

Donate clothing

In a time when the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico are still suffering, it is important to know that American Red Cross clothing donations are increasingly important. As your family prepares for the holiday season, it is important to make sure that you take time to look through your closets and drawers to see if there are clothes and household items that you are no longer using. Finding items that you can contribute to American Red Cross clothing donations can help you make a difference not only in the continental United States, but also in more remote locations like Puerto Rico.
Consider some of these items that you might be able to contribute to Red Cross donation centers no matter where you live in the country:

  • Money that people earn from selling their old clothing to stores that resale them is not typically very much. Making a donation is often a more productive.
  • American Red Cross donations can also include monetary gifts that can be directed to the areas that are most in need.
  • Kids winter clothing items, especially coats and gloves, are in high demand as soon as the cold weather sets in.
  • Instead of hoarding your old clothes, dishes, and other household items, doesn’t it make sense that you donate these items to someone who can make better use of them.
  • New clothes are tempting to buy, but it is important that you make sure you get rid of the items that you never use any more.
  • Giving monetary donations is often the best and the fastest way to make sure that your gifts make it to the right place.

  • As many as 70% of people in the U.S. give to charity every year.

  • Donations after disasters and during the holidays tend to soar, but during other times it is important to make sure that you still remember those who are in need.
  • Instead of giving your items to a group that you do not know anything about, giving to American Red Cross clothing donations collection centers is the best choice.
  • Finding the time to go through your closets and your drawers is not always easy, but the time is worth the effort.
  • Footwear and other necessities are important needs that many families have.
  • Estimates indicate that 3% of American income is given to charities each year.
  • Research shows that 63% of high net worth donors say that their chief motivation for donating is because they want to be able to give back to the community.
  • Environmental Protection Agency statistics show that Americans throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothes per person each year.
  • Non-profits contribute an annual value of $666.1 billion to the US economy every year.
  • Cloting donations can help families in need make it to the end of the month even when the cold weather requires warm clothing.
  • Estimates show that more than 14.3 million tons of donated American textileshelp clothe people and families worldwide.

If you are looking forward to MAKING A DIFFERENCE it is important that you find a location where you can donate your unused items. Finding a nearby clothing donation center can help you make sure that your items find a good home.
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