Why Everyone Should Donate Clothes to Red Cross Right Now

American red cross donations

With so many natural disasters and tragedies taking place on American soil and beyond, it’s natural to feel a sense of helpless and even frustration. But you can use your frustration as a catalyst to effective positive change and help those in need. Doing so can be extremely empowering, and you may even realize just how helpful you are rather than focusing on feelings of helplessness or despair. And by being the change in which to see, as Gandhi would say, you may even inspire to do the same!

When people thing of giving back to their community or helping those in need, they often think of grand gestures of generosity such as large financial donations. And while these gestures are undoubtedly impactful, seemingly small gestures such as used clothing donations can have just as big of an impact.

If you feel passionate about supporting both your local and global community but are struggling to find ways to get started, consider how important it is to donate clothes to Red Cross. With a reputation for being one of the most charitable humanitarian organizations in the United States, American Red Cross clothing donations can make a huge difference in the lives of Americans facing poverty, homelessness, illness, or the devastation of a natural disaster.

Here are some high impact ways you can donate clothes to Red Cross.

Get your friends together

Are your friends just as passionate as you are about effecting positive social change and justice? If so, you can donate clothes to Red Cross as a group. If each of your friends donated a few articles of gently used clothing, the impact on your local community and beyond would be huge. You may even be inspired to make a habit out of group clothing donations!

Company competition

There’s nothing like a little friendly office competition, so why not use it as a platform for the greater good? You can organize a company or office clothing drive in order to donate clothes to Red Cross as a business. For added incentive, you can offer a prize such as a gift certificate for the employee that donates the most items.

‘Tis the season

The holiday season is a busy time for clothing donations, but charities and humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross need clothing all year round for those in need. You can make it a personal habit to clear your closet of any unwanted or rarely worn pieces and donate clothes as the seasons change. This is especially important for areas of the United States that have inclement winter weather, as people in these climates will need warm clothing.