Essential Spring Home Improvement Projects Youll Love

As spring approaches, you’re probably thinking of performing some home improvement projects to refresh your home. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are several things you can do. To help you, here’s a list of spring home improvement projects to consider.

1. Deck Refinish

Deck refinishing is a common part of spring home improvement projects for homeowners. Having a professional decking contractor refinish your deck will ensure it’s in good condition and extend its useful life. Structurally, this project will level the surface and eliminate cupping and splintering.

Without deck refinishing, the softer grain will erupt as the wood ages and greys, leading to splinters and other damage. Refinishing your deck will also offer some aesthetic benefits. It’ll breathe back life to dated, greying planks and reveal the true beauty of the wood. Besides that, it’ll make the wood last for decades.

There are ways to tell when your deck needs refinishing. One way to do this is by pouring a cup of water on a few spots on your wooden deck. If the water is absorbed in under ten minutes or the wood darkens, it’s a sign that you need refinishing done.

If you get to the ten-minute mark and the water is still on the surface, you can hold off on removing the old finish and applying a new stain. Decks typically experience significant wear and tear over time. There’s no question that your deck will eventually reach a point where refinishing it won’t do much, whether due to sun damage from direct exposure to sunlight or constant foot traffic. It can take some time before you need to replace it, but you’ll definitely have to at some point.

The best time to refinish your wooden deck is the dry season, typically between May and September. If you do decide to wait until later in the year, you must exercise caution since it can get pretty cold, and you need to be sure your sealants or strains cure properly, which is impossible in the winter. Depending on exposure to sunshine and other environmental factors, a general rule of thumb is most decks need refinishing every 2-4 years.

Make sure you hire a professional decking contractor for the job. They’ll first clean your deck using methods such as sandblasting to prepare the surface. This will allow the new finish to adhere better so it lasts longer.

2. Windows

Even if some homeowners decide to repair or upgrade their windows in the winter, dealing with the extremely cold can undoubtedly create some problems. Aside from its unpredictable nature and the possibility that you can wake up to snow falling both outside and inside your house, the cold weather can also pose some other difficulties to the window installation procedure. For instance, the caulking used to seal windows may prove challenging to set due to the low temperature and excessive moisture.

By including upgrading your windows in your spring home improvement projects, you can avoid all these complications. After months of hibernating, spring is all about enjoying the sunshine and warmth you’ve been looking forward to. What better way to embrace it than having a professional install new windows to bring more natural light into the home. You can also have them add a decorative film while at it.

Windows with an Energy Star rating can reduce overall heat loss by 40%. Savings depend on where the home is located, how many windows there are, and where those windows are. If you’re looking for ways to save energy, consider installing high-efficiency windows to reduce heat loss.

3. Landscaping

The look of your yard significantly affects your home’s value, the impression it leaves on passers-by, and how it makes you feel. Even if you’ve been keeping up with yard care, you should occasionally consider making improvements with the help of landscaping services such as a brush clearing company or tree removal services to keep it interesting and enjoyable. There are several reasons you may want to consider updating your landscape as part of your spring home improvement projects.

You want your home to look appealing and inviting to visitors. Introducing beautiful landscaping features is one of the most effective ways of giving your home’s curb appeal a boost. A few colorful flowers and well-placed bushes will refresh your yard’s visual interest. They’ll also improve your neighborhood’s overall feel, making everyone happy.

Another reason to consider upgrading your landscape is it’ll reduce the maintenance it needs. If you are blessed to have a large yard and mowing the lawn has become a tasking chore, consider introducing more bushes, trees and planting areas to reduce the time you spend cutting the grass. If you’re having trouble watering your yard, add more features that don’t need regular watering, such as drought-tolerant plants.

4. Solar Power

Installing solar panels on your roof as part of your spring home improvement projects will enable you to benefit from the longer days, which allow for maximum energy harvesting. Spring only comes second to summer as the best season for solar production. This means that by installing your solar panels in spring with the help of a solar shingles contractor, you’ll get to offset the high energy bills typical of the increased use of air conditioners, translating to substantial savings.

With the rising popularity of solar systems, states are starting to reduce their solar incentives. Installing your system now will allow you to get higher rebates and better deals from utility companies. Spring is also when most people buy homes.

If you bought a home recently, installing solar panels on your roof will increase your home’s value before you even move in. According to SimplySolar, you can expect a $20,000 increase after installing an average solar system. In some cases, this home improvement project adds more value than the system’s net cost.

Another reason to undertake this project in the spring is it’s much easier for professionals to place solar panels on your roof when it doesn’t have snow on the surface. Most homeowners also repair or replace their roofs in the spring, so if you’re one of them, you can combine these two projects.

Don’t let spring rain showers worry you. Manufacturers design solar systems to produce electricity yearly, even on overcast and gray days. They’re able to do this because they generate electricity from the little UV rays that manage to penetrate the clouds.

5. Kitchen Remodel

There’s never a bad time to upgrade your kitchen. However, including kitchen remodeling in your list of spring home improvement projects is known to improve certain aspects of the process. As the days become longer, workdays are easier.

Good, natural lighting is necessary for all renovation projects. The increased sunlight helps expedite the process. Additionally, if your design includes lots of windows, the increased daylight levels will help you visualize how light flows into the home.

It’s also a good idea to have a remodeling contractor renovate your kitchen when your kids are still in school and away from home for at least one meal of the day, as opposed to during a break in the school year. The warmer weather will also allow your kids to stay outside later, participate in more school activities, and you can always fire up the grill to welcome the new season. As the new year starts and spring draws closer, new trends and patterns emerge.

If you like staying current and keeping things contemporary, spring is a great time to incorporate new trends. In addition, most hardware and appliance businesses offer product deals during spring. They do this because most homeowners tackle warmer weather projects during this time, making it easier to find discounts on supplies.

6. Roof Repairs

The cold temperatures of the winter months can cause some roof issues. Some components may have suffered damage from the elements, and if you fail to address them promptly, you may soon be dealing with leaks and structural damage. Schedule a roof inspection with a local residential roofer as part of your spring home improvement projects to look for rot or weak spots that might develop into bigger problems down the road.

Everyone benefits from the beautiful weather that spring brings. Roof inspections will be seamless without weather-related concerns that can hinder professionals from doing their job. Issues will be easier to detect, allowing for timely repairs.

Most homeowners put off roofing inspection until fall or summer. The problem with doing this is that by then, you’ll be competing with many homeowners to get the best roofer in town. Spring, on the other hand, is typically a ‘slow’ season for roofing work, so your favorite roofer likely doesn’t have much on their plate. It’ll be easier, more convenient, and possibly cheaper to schedule a roof inspection.

7. Plumbing Upgrades

Daily tasks, such as using showers, washing machines, kitchens, and toilets, depending on your home’s plumbing system. Upgrading this system with the help of residential plumbers as part of your spring home improvement projects will significantly improve its efficiency, enhance comfort, and increase your property’s value. If the water supply in your home contains a lot of minerals, consider purchasing a water softener. While a water descaler may also help with scale accumulation or mineral content, a water softener offers a preferable long-term preventative option.

Once you eliminate these trace elements, you’ll have safe and great-tasting water while extending the useful life of the equipment that uses water frequently. With a water softener, you won’t have to worry about the build-up of scale or mineral compounds on the internal surfaces of pipes, water heating systems, and appliances.

Consider buying a new showerhead if your current one needs regular cleaning or adjustments. Several alternatives on the market offer a range of features that serve different needs. For example, if you’re looking for ways to lower your monthly water bill, buy low-flow showerheads that have been certified by ENERGY STAR.

Leaks are one of the most prevalent plumbing issues. They can be quite challenging to detect, and if not addressed, they can damage water lines and result in costly replacements. Besides adding waterproofing material, consider installing a water leak detector to protect your home. These systems use sensors to monitor the plumbing in your house and notify you of any issues. This will allow you to catch minor concerns early on before they develop into major ones, saving you money.

Pipes tend to get damaged, worn, and corroded over time, which increases the likelihood of leaks and reduces your home’s water quality. Inspect your pipes for signs of deterioration and aging, such as discolored water or visible rust. If you spot issues, replace the affected pipes with ones of higher durability, such as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) or copper, which may more effectively withstand corrosion and prolong the lifespan of your plumbing system.

8. Garage Door Fixes

Spring is the ideal time to schedule a garage door repair service if you’ve been meaning to do it. Of course, you can have it inspected and fixed at any time of the year, but this spring is the best season for several reasons. In the cold winter months, you must be extremely careful of the materials you choose for your garage door because most options are more susceptible to damage from harsh weather. It’s okay to inspect your garage door, but things may get complicated if it has to be repaired or replaced.

The converse is true during the summer when the high temperatures can cause some materials to expand and make handling them more challenging. This is especially challenging when working with steel doors, which can get hot in scorching temperatures. The best time to inspect the door’s fit and, if required, get it changed is in the spring, when there’s less likelihood of rain and milder temperatures.

With more conducive weather conditions, engineers will find it easier and safer to provide their services. It’s much easier to spot issues on a dry garage door, allowing for timely repairs. While a professional can do their job in any condition, including garage door fixes in your spring home improvement projects list is better for everyone.

Spring is perhaps the best time for home renovations. The warmer weather makes it easier for professionals to work, plus the kids are still at school. Here’s a guide for spring home improvement projects to consider.