Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Home Drapery!

Selecting home drapery and curtains might seem as simple as choosing curtains you like based on their color, pattern, or material and calling it a day. Any experienced home decorator will tell you that choosing drapes is an art and a science that requires some thought or skill level to pull off properly. According to the video “7 CURTAIN MISTAKES that can make your home look AWFUL,” the number one mistake one could make when selecting drapery for windows is choosing curtains that aren’t as long as they should be for the window. While this mistake is common, it’s far from the only mistake you could make when curtain shopping.

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Another mistake that homeowners and interior decorators make when choosing drapery for windows happens after the curtains are bought. Once you buy the curtains, you may place the curtain rod too close to the windows, which can make the space look cheaper. This mistake is easy to correct by placing the curtain rod closer to the ceiling for a grand appearance.

The final mistake home decorators tend to make when selecting drapery for windows is choosing window treatments that are too showy. Unless it’s your style, you’ll want your curtains to complement windows and blend into the background. If they stand out too much, they may clash with other elements.