Five Creative Ways to Use Storage Cubes

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Short on space? Want a modern look that’s efficient and cost-effect? Here are five awesome ways to use craft cubes as storage to free up space and provide you with flexibility for all your storage needs.

Use Modular Cube Storage In Place of Standard Furniture

A 6 cube organizer makes a better nightstand than half the nightstands going. It’s lighter in weight, provides plenty of storage, and is easy to move.

Combine some stackable furniture cubes and you can create bookcases in just the right size and shape to fit your room and storage needs. Choose simple white cube organizers or another classic solid color and you can add to the bookcase endlessly as you need.

Use Modular Cube Storage for Your Bar

A 9 cube organizer makes an outstanding bar. There are plenty of shelves for all your different glassware, mixing utensils, and for the serving item. There’s also room for beautiful bottles of your favorite drinks.

Decorate the top with some bowls of lemons, limes, or other common mixer items and you’re ready to host an elegant drinks party.

Use Modular Cube Storage to Keep the Kids Under Control

If you’ve got kids, you know how difficult it can be to get them to put their things away in drawers or any organized system.

A large set of stackable furniture cubes can hold lots of colorful bins that are easy for kids to pull in and out. The kids can quickly chuck their junk into the bins to get it out of sight, and you can breathe a little easier when the chaos is controlled.

Use Modular Cube Storage on the Walls

Whether you put up just three or thirteen, these cubes can work in the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, or for craft room storage. They also work for decoration.

Stick just a few up in a row, or stagger them for a more elegant and modern effect. They’ll hold your pots and pans, get items up off your file bench, or be your new scrapbook paper storage. If you want a decorative look, put a plant or some pictures in there instead.

Use Modular Cube Storage for Your Entertainment Center

You can fit the TV on top, along with speakers on the side if you want. Use the cubes as they are to put decorative plants or to hold the DVD player and your collection of DVDs.

Fill the cubes with bins and you can toss the gaming console and all its wires and accessories in there whenever company comes. Then you’ve got both accessibility and also an organized look.

The possibilities for using modular storage furniture are nearly endless, so see what they can do to modernize the look in your home!