Flags for the House

Valentines flag

Seasonal house flags are flags that are placed outside of the house during certain seasons. They can be on a flag pole, attached to the house, or in a garden or yard. A seasonal house flag is a piece of fabric, usually rectangular, with a specific design that is used as a signaling device, a symbol, or simply as decoration. The very first flags that were used were to aid the military with coordination on the battlefield. National flags are used for their patriotic symbolism and ongoing military purposes. Since then, flags have become a general tool for signalling and identification, specifically in environments where communication is difficult, such as maritime locations where semaphore is used.

Seasonal house flags can also be used in advertising, messaging, advertising, or decorative purposes. The study of flags is referred to as vexillology, which comes from the Latin word “vexillum,” which means flag or banner. Colors on a flag can symbolize certain personality traits or can just be for decorative reasons. Red flags symbolized bravery, strength, hardiness, and valor. Generosity is the meaning that is symbolized on a yellow flag.

The first nation to use cloth flags as a way of communicating were the ancient Romans. The Romans were also the first ones to invent the idea of connecting the flag to a flagpole. The upper left corner of seasonal house flags are called the canton, while the rest of the flag is referred to a field or ground. This is the same with all flags. Seasonal house flags can consist of holiday house flags, seasonal garden flags, and even windsocks.