Tips and Tricks for Long Distance Moving

Residential moving companies

Moving is a very thrilling, stressful, exciting, and expensive endeavor. You’ve got so many things to deal with: Taking time off work, dealing with the kids, the pets, and neighbors giving their best tips for moving.

Long distance moving can be even more stressful. An estimated 50 million North Americans relocate every year, many of them moving from one coast to the other. If you plan on moving long distance, here are a few essential tips for moving.


  • Start the prep work at least three months in advance to the move-out date.
  • Whether you are renting or someone has purchased your living quarters, change over the utilities into the new name.
  • Head to the nearest supply store and purchase packing supplies. You’ll need packaging tape (a lot of it!) and moving boxes of various sizes.
  • Contact residential moving companies and get quotes about the rate they charge. Most companies will charge by the hour, though some may have different fees. Local moving services are best for those who are only moving across town, though some people find they are best for helping them with their long-distance move.
  • Take measurements of any big furniture in your current home. Everything may fit where it is now, but it may not fit where you plan on living. Beds, couches, and tables should all be measured.
  • Contact storage companies if you don’t plan on taking all of the furniture you own wish you. Many home owners are downsizing these days and do not have enough room in their new homes for all of their current furniture. A storage company will be able to properly store your belongings indefinitely for a monthly fee.


  • This step is where everyone wants tips for moving; packing can be stressful and disorganized, but if you purge items you no longer need, this will make the process much easier and less expensive.
  • Pack all your belongings in boxes (don’t make the boxes too heavy!) and label them with the room they are supposed to be in and what is in them. For example: “Kitchen: Dishware.”
  • Packing dishes and other breakable objects in clothing or socks can often help you save money on packaging materials. That packing paper can be very expensive.
  • Make sure to pack any necessary documents, toiletries, and chargers you may need while on the road. You want these — and some snacks — readily available throughout the day just in case.
  • Using your smartphone in any way can really help you stay organized. For example, create a calendar event for when the moving company is set to arrive. Set a date for when you should call your gas and electric company, etc. Using the notes application can help you check off what you’ve already done.

Moving In: When hiring a mover, ask if there are any extra charges for unexpected instances so that you can better prepare yourself financially. Your professional moving company should be able to assemble the larger pieces of furniture — such as tables and beds — so you can focus on unpacking the moving boxes. Unpacking should not be very difficult as long as you’ve packed in a way that is organized.

As always, try to recruit a few friends to help make the moving process go a bit smoother; you will enjoy the stress-free company as well.