Four Features to Keep in Mind When Buying a New House

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Home buying can be scary and daunting for first-time homeowners and seasoned vets alike. Those who are buying need to make sure they are completely in love with the house, since taking out a mortgage and making a down payment can be a big commitment. When buying a house, there are several factors to keep in mind that might make or break a purchase. Some people can live without certain features, while others might consider them essential, such as having a fireplace or a walk-in closet. Read on to learn about four things every home buyer should consider when getting a home.

A Fireplace Might Cost Extra, But It Could Also Seal the Deal

Fireplaces are often the final addition on any living area. At least 40% of individuals buying a home said that they believed it was worth it to spend extra money for a fireplace. It also depends where the buyer lives, as well. Colder climates such as Wisconsin or Montana make having a fireplace worthwhile, especially if it is a wood burning fireplace, and the buyer can easily acquire wood. For warmer climates, such as down in Alabama or California, the fireplace might not get as much use (perhaps only a couple of months out of the year). This doesn?t mean that it wouldn?t drive up the cost-it will likely be extra-but the ability to make use of this feature would be limited. So, those buying a new house should take care to make thoughtful choices regarding how much they will use this amenity. A real estate agent can assist their client in finding a home that provides this amenity, if it is something they cannot do without.

An Eat-In Kitchen Can Simplify Life for Some Homeowners

Some people believe that having an eat-in kitchen is a benefit that shouldn?t be overlooked, since it makes meal times simpler and less stressful, often requiring less cleanup. This feature is highly desirable for those between the ages of 35-54, with 30% of them feeling it is a major component of a good kitchen. For those who are younger or older, only 21% and 20% (respectively) feel that an eat-in kitchen is needed. Those who are buying a new house might want it if their last house did not offer it, or might even consider buying a custom home to have an eat-in kitchen, if that is not a feature commonly found in the area they are living in.

Major Components Like Central Air and Walk-In Closets Can Change Opinions for Many Homeowners

Some people require central air to stay comfortable, and some even need it for their health, such as those who are elderly and cannot take extreme temperatures. Other homeowners may have a lot of clothing, or place value on the benefit of having a walk-in closet. Having these features can greatly influence the choice to buy or not. 60% of individuals surveyed mentioned that these very features would be something they are willing to pay extra for if the house did not already come with them. A realtor can assist those buying a new house in finding what they are looking for, or how they can go about adding these things in.

The Appliances in the Kitchen Have a Very Important Job

When it comes to kitchen appliances, it?s not just what they do, it also depends on how they look. Individuals and families buying a new house placed great importance on having stainless steel appliances, with 23% of individuals saying this was a crucial investment. Stainless steel can make a home look more polished and put together, although they must be cleaned often to maintain a shiny look. Although most luxury homes already have this, some people find it worthwhile to spend extra money to have them installed.

When it comes to buying a new home, there are many considerations to make. Components such as fireplaces, eat-in kitchens, and air conditioning features can make or break buying choices for clients. Other factors such as storage space and the look of appliances are also helpful to know when buying a new house.