Getting Seen Quickly Why Immediate Care is the Best Choice

If you’ve had an accident, are ill and feel sick, or need after hours medical care, you’re not sure where to go. Emergency rooms are helpful, but you end up waiting a long time to get seen. If you’re suffering from breathing problems or chest pain, this is a risk you don’t want to take. Learn more about why you should visit an urgent care when you need to get immediate treatment and why it’s the best choice for your family.

Emergency Rooms Aren’t Always Necessary

Emergency rooms are important and the place to go if you’re having a serious situation that needs an intervention right away, such as a suspected heart attack. If you have the flu, hurt yourself in an accident, or your child is sick, an urgent care center is the best option. That’s because less than 5% of patients who come to urgent care centers need to get referred to an emergency department. If you want to avoid long waits for problems that don’t necessarily fall into the serious category, go to an urgent care clinic and get the help you need.

People Recognize the Benefits of Urgent Care

If You’re sick and need help, you shouldn’t hold off from visiting a doctor. It’s important to seek help for medical situations, but you can’t always get to your regular doctor when it’s after hours. Over 25% of people have gone to urgent care aside from their regular doctor visits within the past two years. Going to these facilities when you need help allows you to get seen and treated without waiting for the doctor to open.

Going to Urgent Care Prevents the ER From Getting Clogged Up

If you need to get immediate treatment, urgent care is your best bet. That’s because over 65% of cases seen in the emergency room are ones that could easily get treated in an urgent care facility. By choosing to go someplace that still allows you to get seen quickly, there’s normally less of a wait and you’ll ensure that folks who have a serious condition aren’t waiting as long to get the help they need.

If you need to get immediate treatment, it’s important to find out where the closest urgent care is. Besides offering you the chance to get seen quickly, these immediate care centers are becoming more popular, as people recognize their value.