Home Remodeling Options for Your Second Home

If you are lucky enough to have a vacation home, you do not want to neglect the necessary home remodeling projects that will make your vacation retreat more of a personalized space. It can be difficult to find the time for home remodeling projects for your second home but it is highly recommended that you do.

A vacation home does not really require the number of home remodeling projects that you put into your primary home but making your vacation more a reflection of your own style can be very rewarding. Of course, there is also that building equity perspective that you should not ignore.

Second Home Remodeling Projects Do Not Have to Be Complicated

Enhancing the value of your vacation home does not have to be a complex list of things to do. Simple things can make a tremendous difference in the property. For example, tree trimming can add value to your landscape and up the curb appeal.

You do not have to build a wine cellar as one of your home remodeling projects but you do have to make sure that the roof is in good condition. Whether you have a beach house or a mountain retreat there are simple home remodeling projects you can do in your vacation home to make it a space that you cannot wait to get to.

Even if you are tight on funds there are home remodeling projects that you can do yourself that can add value. Keeping it simple is a great way to get started.

What Will Deliver the ROI?

A lot of people that have second homes look at the bottom line when they are considering home improvement projects. Just like in your primary home, the kitchen remodels will always give you a nice ROI on your home improvement dollar investment.

For example, adding some new kitchen equipment, a new coat of paint on the cabinets, and some new flooring can really improve a kitchen space. You do not have to do complete bare bones remodel to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Landscaping is another thing that can up the value of the home. If you spend about 5% of the value of your home on landscaping you can get a return on that investment at about 15%. That is a pretty good return for a little bit of work.

A roofing contractor can help you improve your roofing system which of course instantly adds value and protection. Bathroom remodels also offer a great ROI.

The Rule of Thumb of Home Remodeling Projects

A good rule of thumb when it comes to home remodeling projects for your second home is to focus on what needs to be done first like roof and plumbing repairs. It is nice to be able to do the home remodeling projects that raise the quality of life in the home, but always do what is necessary first.

Once you have all the necessary home remodeling projects out of the way, then the fun can really begin. Make a list of all the things you would like to improve in your vacation home, and then you can get to work.

The Beauty of Vacation Home Remodeling Projects

Frankly, home remodeling projects for your primary residence comes with a lot of stress. To have workers in and out of your home or your home in a constant state of disarray while the project is getting done can be very stressful. Luckily a second home remodeling project gives you the freedom to take your time and not have to deal with a brunt of the stress.

Home remodeling has really become a favorite pastime for millions of homeowners. There is nothing quite like getting a project done and enjoying the fruits of your labor. A second home remodeling allows you to get your fix for remodeling without having to deal with any of the negatives.

Where To Start

Let’s say you have had all the necessary work done, now it is time to really have some fun. If you are not very experienced in the do it yourself approach, the best advice is to start small. Make sure you know where the closest urgent care is just in case of any mishaps.

Here are some quick and easy projects for the novice that can make a tremendous difference:

  • Paint the interior. Paint can really do some amazing things to a room, and the best part is that you do not need years of experience to get the job done. Start with the smallest room to make the project easier and manageable. Beware it is physical labor so you do not want to overdo it at first or you may need to take a break for the chiropractor.
  • Add some interest in the yard. Small landscaping projects can be easily managed as DIY projects on the weekends and they can have a big impact. What better way to enhance your vacation home than by adding a fire pit, a seating area, a patio, and some flowers?

Whichever project you decide on keep in mind slow and steady wins the race. Whatever you cannot get done in one weekend will be there the next weekend. Painting the interior of your vacation home is a worthy place to start but if you are new to DIY house painting it can take you a little while to get things done. Be patient with yourself.

Remember this is your vacation home there is absolutely no reason to rush. Start out small, achieve your goal, and you will have the confidence to take on some of the bigger home remodeling projects on your own in the future.

Know When To Call The Pros

Home remodeling projects are a lot of fun for many people. They enjoy getting in there and rolling up their sleeves, but not all projects are for everyone. There is no shame in calling in a professional to take over the project, or manage a part of the project.

Getting the help that you need will pull the project together perfectly and can ultimately wind up saving you money. Of course, having some professional help can really cut back on the frustration that you feel.

You want this project to be enjoyable, not full of stress and aggravation. It is fine to get help if you can afford it.

There are some home remodeling projects that you really should leave up to the pros for safety sake like:

  • Installing HVAC systems. An HVAC system can be tricky to deal with. It is always best to get the professional support that you need to ensure everything is done right.
  • Any time you need a gas appliance installed, serviced, or you suspect something is happening with a gas line, call a pro. Gas can be very dangerous to work with. Unless you have the specific skill set, don’t attempt to deal with it on your own.
  • Major electrical problems. Of course, you can change out a light switch, but unless you have experience leave the major changes to the professionals.

Knowing your skillset limits when it comes to the heavy-duty risky stuff is vital to your safety and the safety of the property. Sure, you should go out on a limb and try out a few projects on your own, but do not go so far out on the limb that you are risking your safety.

When Home Remodeling Projects Run Amok

You can ask any home remodeling junky, sometimes projects just really get away from you. What starts out as hanging nature inspired art in the powder room suddenly turns into ripping out the fixtures in the bathroom because you always hated them.

it is easy to get carried away when it comes to home remodeling projects. That first taste of success can get you hooked and before you know it your vacation paradise has turned into every single weekend construction site.

Reigning yourself in can be difficult but with a few simple steps, you can do it. Follow these steps before you fall into the project every weekend merry go round:

  • Have a plan with a start date and a clear end date. Make yourself accountable to how much time you are going to devout to the project. This will not only keep you on track but also help you from starting too many projects at once.
  • Take a break between projects. Remember this is your vacation space, so use it like one. You can get so wrapped up in home remodeling projects that you forget to enjoy your second home.
  • Set a firm budget. Limiting what you are going to spend can help you to also limit the number of projects that you take on.

You do want to get your second home into great shape, but you do not want to spend all your time at your vacation spot working on home remodeling projects. The happy medium is somewhere in between. After all, if you are not enjoying what you are doing, why do it?

If it is too late and you already feel like you are drowning in projects, it is okay you can dial things down a bit. Get help. Enlist family and friends to help, call in a professional, hire a handyman, and do whatever it takes to get out from under some of the projects.

Let’s Make a Deal

What do you do when you find that your projects are out of control and you do not think you can finish them any time soon on your own? Make a few deals to get the work done. You may feel bad about asking friends and family for help for free, but you don’t have to.

Offer a free weekend at the house on a date of their choosing if they will commit to some of the work. Tapping into the talent of friends and family members than “paying” them with time at your vacation house will make it easier for you to ask and make it easier for them to volunteer.

It feels a lot less like a favor and more like an amicable deal where everyone wins, and of course, you get the work done. Of course, you can also use this tactic at the beginning of the project to get the work done faster.

Set Up a Done Date

All home remodeling projects need a done date. A done date is more of a, “this is when I will be done no matter what”. It is a deadline that you impose on yourself to have everything done, it is not a firm date, but more of an agreement with yourself of when you will have all your home remodeling projects done.

Remember the goal is to create a vacation home that you want to be in and enjoy, a haven for self care. You do not want your vacation home to become something that you dread coming to because there is always work that you need to do.

Do Projects During the Off-Season

As a final piece of advice one of the best ways to make home remodeling projects easier for a vacation home is to do them during the offseason. If you do them in the offseason you can still enjoy your vacation home during the season.