How Repairing Foundation Cracks Can Make Your Home Easier and Less Expensive to Live in

Repairing a cracked foundation

Homeowners can have it rough. There’s often a lot on their plate and only a little time do it it all. And the worse part is, it can be like this all year round without even one season of respite. But hey, that’s one of the benefits of owning your own property — you get it to maintain on your dime and on your time. As tempting as it can be to procrastinate and slack on a few chores around the house here and there, it’s never worth it, especially when it comes to major repairs such as repairing foundation cracks in your basement and water damage.

While you can get away with not doing the dishes or the laundry for a day or two or even more — which is pretty gross, but still — you can’t get away with not repairing foundation cracks and putting off basement waterproofing. You may wrongfully assume that you can’t afford to have any kind of professional foundation repair services performed by a licensed contractor or water proofing expert, however, the truth is that you can’t afford to live with water damage that could have easily been prevented with a few simple measures, such as foundation repairs.

Water may be life’s best friend on this planet but it can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare in terms of mold and irreparable structural damage. Repair foundation leeks and basement water proofing is just as important as fixing a leaking roof. By repairing foundation cracks as they appear and instead of waiting until they worsen, homeowners can save thousands and thousands of dollars on what would normally be costly damage caused by water. When it comes to family keepsakes, important historical documents, and personal items with sentimental value, water damage can be priceless in terms of the cost.

Just like maintaining a business partnership or a having a healthy, fulfilling marriage, a strong foundation for your home is the basis for having a healthy household. Water proofing solutions are integral to this, and that means repairing foundation cracks as they occur. Failure to do so can result in structural damage, hazardous mold and mildew growth, and water damage.

In terms of adding value to your home, repairing foundation cracks can improve its equity, which is especially important come selling time. In fact, a solid, strong, and structurally sound foundation can improve a home’s value by as much 15% to 25%. Like roofing, a home’s foundation can make or break a real estate transaction or sale, with prospective usually opting for home’s and commercial buildings with solid foundations free of cracks.

In addition to making your home more valuable, repairing foundation cracks can also save you money on your monthly heating and cooling costs. It’s harder to keep a home warm in the winter with cracks in the foundation, which allow cold air from the ground to enter the home. This can make you furnace work harder than it needs to or should, which in turn, will cost you heating expenses. All this hard work performed by your furnace can take a toll on it as well, and may lead to repairs down the road. You’re better off just fixing the cracks as they occur! For homeowners that are especially worried about saving on utility costs while reducing their home’s environmental impact, repairing basement cracks and leaks is especially important.

If you suspect you have cracks and leaks in your basement, it’s important to schedule an inspection right away to identify any potential issues that you may not even be aware of. Often times, what looks like a fairly small crack to the untrained eye is actually only the tip of the iceberg! This is something that a licensed and professional basement water proofing contractor would be able to identify and bring to your attention. When it comes to being diligent in preventing water damage, you cannot go wrong in terms of practicing preventative maintenance and scheduling a professional inspection. A simple, routine inspection can prevent years of water headaches, heartaches, and hassles down the road.