6 Reasons You Should Use a Real Estate Agent

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If you are selling your home or buying a new one, you have probably considered trying to do it privately so you don’t have to pay a real estate agent any fees. However, sometimes, the only way to find out the best houses listed for sale is through a real estate agent like Keller Williams. Making use of an experienced real estate team such as Keller Williams is a great idea to make sure that you get all the benefits and perks involved in selling or buying a home.Here are some great benefits to using a real estate agent if you a going to be buying a home.

  1. They Understand Pricing
    Once of the main benefits of a real estate agency like Keller Williams is that they have a keen eye for home pricing. They will be able to take a look at your budget and your loan amount and find homes that not only are within that price range but are reasonably priced. This means that you will be able to get as much as house for as nice as possible within your price range.

  2. They Can Do the Convincing
    If you are looking into a home that needs some fixing up or repairs, the real estate agent can act as the go between with you and the current owner. They have to ability to negotiate and convince the owners that it is in their best interest to do the work themselves before selling to you. They also may even see work that needs to be done that you didn’t even notice, simply because they have an eye for homes.

  3. They Have the Connections
    Whether it’s the contractor, the lender or the home inspector, real estate agents that have been in the business for awhile like Keller Williams have connections and reputations with everyone involved in the selling and buying of a home. This can work to your benefit because they may be able to get you some kind of discount or at least decent prices for different stages of the buying process.

  4. They Know the Secret Homes
    By secret, that means the homes that are unadvertised or unlisted. If a seller does not want the fact that they are selling their home to be publicized they will often forgo the major websites where everyone can see homes for sale. In these cases, it’s really only the agencies that know that they are selling at all. There is usually nothing wrong with the house, not wanting a lot of people to know you are selling could involve anything from divorce, health or financial issues to not wanting neighbors or friends to know their house is on the market.

  5. They’re in Charge of the Paperwork
    Buying a house involves so much paperwork. A good real estate agent is already going to be familiar with all the paper work that is going to flow through their office from offers and counteroffers and more. You can leave it fully in their capable hands and only hear the summaries of the reports. Also, working with a real estate agent when it comes to the paperwork will cut down on the risk of forgetting to sign or initial or check mark something important.

  6. They Can Negotiate Price
    A real estate agent can unemotionally request certain things about the home that you would not be able to do. For example, if you would like the shower doors replaced before moving in, the agent can write up a request objectively whereas you might get upset at any negative response. This avoids everyone getting emotional over the wrong thing. If the seller decides he’s not going to replace the doors and you want to adjust your offer to include that, then your agent should be responsible for that to save you the embarrassment of getting upset in front of the seller and letting him know that you change your mind when the going gets rough.

There are a lot of things that a real estate agent can do you for if you can find one that you trust and who is honest with you. Real estate agents do make a commission but once you buy the home, you will barely notice this amount being taken.