How to Add More Privacy to Your Home

Many people live in tight residential neighborhoods. Traditionally, if you want privacy, you need to close the curtains. However, there is a more modern alternative to add privacy to your home. This alternative is glass door tinting. In this video, you will learn how to install window tint at home.

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If you don’t have the time or want extra help, consider calling your local professional.

There are six steps to installing window tint. First, make sure the glass is free of any residue. You can use baby shampoo on the window along with a scraper to ensure that any residue is gone. However, this step is going to be optional for most windows. Instead, if there is no residue on your window, clean it as you normally would with something such as an ammonia free cleaning product. The third step is to measure your windows and trim the film to this size. You can use tape as a cutting guide. Step four is to spray a mix of water and baby shampoo onto the window. This makes the window slippery so that the film can be repositioned easily on the window. Next, stick the film to the window one corner at a time. Step five is to spray the baby shampoo mix on the film itself. Lastly, use a knife to cut the corner of the film at a 45 degree angle. After this, you can cut off any extra film.