Concrete Paver Installation

Do you want to spruce up your outdoor living spaces? Paver stones are a great way to boost your curb appeal. They are affordable for any budget and look great. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

Video Source

They can be used for outdoor patios, walkways, and gardens to name just a few. In this video, you will learn how to install concrete pavers.

Before installing paver stone, first make sure to check with your utility company to make sure you are clear to dig. Next, use a pick or shovel to dig eight or nine inches down in the area that you want the paver stones. Then, you need to tamp down the subsoil using a plate compactor or some other device. After flattening out the area, fill it with a mix of three-quarter inch stone and dust known as “pac.” Then smooth out the area again. Once the area is flat again, use sand as the final bed material. The paver stones will go on the sand once it is flattened out. Finally, install the paver stones using a hammer to put them in place. They should simply set into the stone. Plastic rails along the outside will hold the pavers in place. Lastly, pour a polymer sand over top of the paver stone and sweep it between the paver stones. Then wet the polymer sand to set it in place. After an hour of curing, your new paver stone project should be complete.