How to Redo Your Bedroom for Cheap

When revamping your home, you may be inclined to focus all your attention on rooms that guests interact with most, but you shouldn’t overlook your bedroom. You spend about a third of your life in your bedroom, so it should be tranquil, cozy, and inviting. The good news is that even the tiniest, cheapest (or free) modifications can have a major effect, giving your bedroom a whole different feel. Consider these simple and affordable ideas to breathe new life into your bedroom. Try one or a combination of the following revamping ideas to give your bedroom a little extra oomph without breaking the bank. Here are amazing tips on how to redo your bathroom for cheap.

1. Update Lighting

When thinking about how to redo your bathroom for cheap, updating your lighting is one of the best solutions. Luckily, there are several exquisite, inexpensive bedroom lighting alternatives to choose from. Switch out your main lighting fixture with one that adds texture, like an industrial-style metal number or a rattan shade, to add interest to your bedroom. Even if it’s a simple switch, hiring an experienced electrician is always recommended. When dealing with electricity, the risks involved far outweigh the cost savings.

2. Hang Affordable Artwork

Another tip for how to redo your bedroom for cheap is hanging affordable artwork. Prints are an excellent, low-cost option for revamping your bedroom. They can transform a dull empty wall into an artistic and stylish focal point for your bedroom. Additionally, you can change the prints every few months once you have your frames. This means you can introduce a fresh aesthetic to your bedroom whenever you want. You can find affordable artwork and prints online, or frame things you already have like gift wraps, wallpaper samples, or postcards. Magazines are also a great source of prints. If you prefer a more relaxed vibe and want to enjoy even more cost savings, consider going frameless.

3. Hang Some Plants

Adding a simple houseplant can improve the aesthetics of your bedroom. Hang a string of pearls from your ceiling, or your bed if you have a four-poster, or put a lovely fiddle leaf fig in a corner to transform the visual appeal of your space. Hanging plants is an effective way of adding color and texture to your bedroom to give it life. If you’re not for the idea of live plants, fakes are a great alternative.

4. Switch Out Your Drapes

Considering you see them every day, changing out your drapes and blinds is one of the best answers to how to redo your bedroom for cheap. Replace your current window coverings with those that will enhance your room’s visual appeal and make it feel luxurious. If you’re looking to bring in natural light to your bedroom, pick soft, linen-like fabric drapes, and keep the colors light as well. For an elegant aesthetic, hang your drapes from floor to ceiling or extend them a few inches above your window to add height.

5. Get New Bed Sheets

Investing in new bedsheets instantly refreshes your bedroom. Go for pristine white cotton for a hotel feel. Play with bold designs and vibrant textures to make a statement. In addition to enhancing your bedroom, new linens can also improve your quality of sleep.

6. Declutter

Not only does organizing and cleaning your bedroom improve the air quality, but it can also be an excellent de-stressor. Before you start revamping other features of your bedroom, put on your rubber gloves and declutter as much as possible. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, focus on one drawer at a time rather than the entire wardrobe. Set up a timetable for this task to ensure it gets done most efficiently.

7. Vinyl Wrap Furniture

You can give your old furniture a new lease of life with vinyl wrap. This is one of the latest interior design trends. For instance, with just $20, you can get a roll of vinyl on Amazon, which is enough to give your bedside table or old chest of drawers a refresh.

8. Frame Your Favorite Memories

Put up frames throughout your bedroom to display your favorite pictures and memories with pride. Find some cheap frames and print out your favorite memories (some apps make this possible for free), so you can have some happy memories to look at from your bed. Think about adding a gallery wall if you have empty wall space. A gallery wall is a curated display of photos or prints. It’s a great approach to adding character to your bedroom.

9. Give Your Bed a Makeover

Since your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, dress it up with lovely bedding and layer it to look like a designer bed. Luckily, discount retailers sell even the most luxurious brands at affordable prices. Learn to isolate the minor differences between quilts, comforters, bedspreads, and duvet covers so you can pick one that best suits your needs. Add new, crisp or soft linens to freshen up your bedroom.

10. Add a New Lamp

Adding a new lamp is an ingenious way to how to redo your bedroom for cheap. Ditch the standard overhead bulb for a small chandelier to give your bedroom an opulent feel. Invest in a creative lamp base and shade that highlights your design rather than a small bedside lamp. If you can’t find the ideal base, create yours by putting your favorite shells or other materials in an empty glass base.

11. Upgrade Your Hardware

Upgrading your hardware is a great answer to how to redo your bedroom for cheap. With a few dollars and the twist of a screwdriver, replace outdated plates, drawer pulls, and knobs to freshen up your bedroom’s appearance. Go for polished wood, hand-painted ceramic, rustic metal, vintage glass, or sleek chrome hardware to breathe new life into your furniture.

12. Throw in an Accent Rug

Even if your bedroom is carpeted, consider investing in an accent rug to add visual interest. Lay out a small rug by the side of your bed or a larger one so your bed and nightstand sit on top of it. Your bedroom will feel much cozier, even with a tiny 4-foot by 6-foot or 5-foot by 8-foot area rug.

13. Add Twinkle Lights

A string of twinkle lights will brighten up your bedroom all year round. These lights are also great for giving your bedroom a romantic touch. Use these affordable accessories to create works of art, or place them around your curtain rod and headboard. For a whimsical touch, suspend a colored paper lantern from your ceiling. You can also have netting or tulle draped from a straightforward canopy frame around your bed.

14. Showcase a Special Piece

You possibly have some unique hobbies, and, consequently, stuff or souvenirs you’ve collected in the course of your life. Leverage special pieces such as an acoustic guitar as decoration for your bedroom to give it character. A pleasant unforeseen by-product of this approach is that you get to remove items from the floor, making your bedroom less cluttered as a result. This is a great option for how to redo your bedroom for cheap.

15. Add a (Faux) Sheepskin

Put a fluffy sheepskin on your bed frame or headboard if you think it is a touch drab, much like you would an old sofa or dining chair. Layering not only gives your bedroom furniture more visual appeal but also makes it cozier. If you want to make a big statement, go for a vibrant, colorful faux hide instead of the typical cream or gray.

16. Style Your Nightstand

Keep your nightstand from turning into a junk drawer on display. Clear items like dogeared paperbacks and hand creams off its surface and regularly empty your glasses. Style your nightstand to give your bedroom a more opulent feel. Add a pretty lamp, place a plant there, and consider hanging something minimal on the bare wall area behind the table. Styling your nightstand is a great example of how to redo your bathroom for cheap.

17. Texture It Up

Adding texture is another approach to how to redo your bedroom for cheap. Textural accents make your bedroom feel aesthetically rich and layered. For some well-deserved coziness, place a sheepskin rug by the bed or a faux fur throw on a side chair. If you prefer a boho luxe aesthetic, add rattan baskets or look for a creative woven light fixture. You can also bring tassels and pom poms into the mix. These will add excitement and warmth to your room.

18. Resurface Your Floors

With proper care, your hardwood floors can last for generations. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t experience wear and tear over the years. Fortunately, you don’t always have to replace a hardwood floor that’s old or worn. One of the major advantages of hard wood flooring is the ability to refinish it so looks as good as new. Often, all one requires is a simple re-coating, but when issues such as water damage, urine damage, deep scratches, discoloration, or dents are present, refinishing is recommended.

If you wish to modify the gloss or color of your flooring, resand your floors. Up until the tongue-and-groove shows where the boards meet, high-quality engineered hardwood flooring can be re-sanded, but not as often as solid-plank flooring can. The first hardwood floors that need refinishing are often those in the kitchen or major living spaces. Bedroom flooring may not require refinishing as often because it doesn’t see much traffic. For the best results, it’s always best to work with a professional wood flooring company.

19. Custom Windows and Doors

Nothing adds flair to your bedroom like custom windows. They offer improved aesthetics and energy efficiency and are considered superior to standard alternatives from the hardware store. The aesthetic appeal and affordability of custom windows are unparalleled, especially because they can easily complement the style of your interior and exterior walls for a cohesive look. With custom fittings, you get the chance to choose your preferred color and style. Replace outdated windows with custom ones to increase the curb appeal of your home. A custom window is designed to precisely fit the spaces on your walls. Custom window installation from a professional window and door installation company doesn’t allow for openings between the walls and frame. Such openings can lead to air loss and draft, forcing your AC install to work harder. This results in high energy bills. When you go for custom windows, you have the freedom to go for double or triple-paned models for improved insulation of your bedroom.

Installing standard windows or doors from your local hardware store can present several challenges. There’s a chance the windows won’t fit in your bedroom’s window or door allowance. To fit it, you may have to chisel out a portion of your wall or install some molding. Custom windows and doors require minimal prep work and fewer materials to complete the job. Note that custom window installation calls for an additional skill level. Entrusting such a complex installation job to an inexperienced contractor is a recipe for disaster. The slightest ‘jerry-rigging’ can lead to drafts that negate many of the benefits that a customized window offers. Hiring professionals to install your custom windows gives you the best results. With a custom door replacement, you can get a designer door for your bedroom. If getting custom windows and doors is still a stretch, consider using the services of professional window washers.

20. Add Fake Architectural Features

Adding fake architectural elements is a great compromise for how to redo your bedroom for cheap. If you rent your apartment and can’t undertake major renovations, ornamental finishes and trick-the-eye paint treatments can make your bedroom’s architecture appear more luxurious than it is. Use washi tape to create faux wall paneling or paint a portion of the wall to resemble wainscoting. Contrary to popular belief, some design tactics are easier and less expensive to implement.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be a place you’re happy to retreat to after a long day of work. Luckily, there are several design tricks and tips you can use to enhance your bedroom’s aesthetics and make it a space you’re happy to show off (at least to yourself and your significant other) even on a tight budget. Use these tips the next time you’re confronted with the dilemma of how to redo your bedroom for cheap and transform it into a luxury apartment.