In Home Nail Care for Seniors and Many Other Geriatric Care Services to Improve Their Lives

Care for seniors can be a challenge, especially when many of them face the difficulties of aging that include health risks, safety risks, lack of transportation, and much more. Surprisingly enough, it could be important to have in home nail care for seniors, in order to prevent nail fungus or to treat one that has already set in.

Sometimes seniors are unable to cook, run errands, drive, go to appointments, or even have access to the outside world. Sometimes geriatric caregivers are the best option to provide home care for a combination of non-medical and skilled medical or in-home care services for any seniors. Home healthcare agencies are able to offer caregivers who can ease every senior’s comfort at home, while adding the support that a family may not be able to provide at all hours. This helps with a senior’s access to medical and personal care, while geriatric caregivers provide physical assistance needed for daily activities, transportation, home maintenance, and more.

Non-Medical Senior Care

Knowing that personal care is helpful for seniors, mostly with hygiene and personal care, it can be helpful to have a daily companion that helps with household duties, errands, and transportation. In addition there is the benefit of in home nail care for seniors, especially when flexibility has reduced to the point that they cannot reach their own feet.

In addition to in home nail care for seniors, there are many other helpful services that are available from geriatric caregivers. Some of the most important senior care services available are those that fulfill the non-medical elderly home care needs of these individuals. This primarily focuses on helping seniors proceed throughout their life and routine, keeping a schedule that they are used to, while also expanding the scope of life. Geriatric caregivers can spend quality time with seniors, versus helping them with their daily tasks. These may include personal care, companionship, and home care including:

  • Senior pedicure service
  • Hygiene, dressing, and grooming
  • Personal safety, home evaluation
  • Assist with correspondence and bills
  • Engage in stimulating activities such as crafts and reading
  • Schedule assistance
  • Light housekeeping and pet care
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Elderly foot care
  • Respite care service

Medical Elderly Home Care Agencies

So many seniors require assistance with the medical issues that they face throughout the aging process. With about 80% of American seniors living with chronic illnesses, it is a strong benefit to have medical care that helps maintain a high quality of living on a daily basis. Other risks come from potential future illness, leaving much to gain from geriatric care agencies that can help with medical care and much more.

Even more, about 5.7 million Americans battle Alzheimer’s disease already, with 14 million more expected by 2050. In addition, there is much to consider for the ability of these caregivers to offer medical support neurological disorders, disabilities, personal care, and rehabilitation after surgery. For this reason, professional medical care can be helpful for heart conditions, diabetes, dementia, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, breathing problems, and more. With all of these chronic conditions, it is helpful to have aide available for seniors in their homes to reduce the risk of driving, falls, and other physical dangers.