Is Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System Working Correctly?

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Does the heating and cooling system in your home need repair, restoration, or replacement? If so, you are not alone. Homeowners all across America are dealing with heating and cooling issues every single day. The importance of having an effective HVAC system is obvious: you want to be able to be comfortable in your own home! Here are just a few key things to remember about heating and cooling system repair and replacement:

1. Common Heating Issues – With the crisp fall evenings upon us and winter right around the corner, it is more important than ever to ensure that your home stays warm when it is supposed to. A good rule of thumb is to keep with a scheduled maintenance schedule. Heating experts say that nearly 75 percent of the calls they receive in the winter time are related to a lack of maintenance. In addition to proper maintenance, make sure you keep an eye out for small cracks and holes in your walls or foundation as a home can lose up to 25 percent of heat that way.

2. Common Cooling Issues – If your home is not getting cool enough, there are a few things to check before you hire someone to do a brand new ac installation. The first is to check for duct leakage. Duct leakage can take anywhere from 20-40 percent of the energy out of an air conditioner, especially if the ducts pass outside the cooled space. If you think you may have duct leakage, consider it an urgent problem and contact an ac repair company immediately. The energy you are losing costs money!

3. Monetary Benefits – The typical American home spends almost 3 percent of their annual income on energy bills each month which comes out to around $2,000. Yes, energy is a necessity, but your household can make small changes to the heating and cooling system to save money each and every month. In some cities across America you can even receive rebates on your utility bills if you upgrade to energy efficient appliances!

Whether your heating and cooling system needs repair, restoration, or complete replacement, the three key pieces of knowledge above should put you ahead of the crowd. Understanding common heating issues, cooling issues, and the monetary benefits of your energy use are crucial to keeping your home in the best shape possible during every single season.