Moldy Attics Can Cause Continuing Health Problems, Homeowners Sealing Their Attics

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Our national enthusiasm for video games has become an obsession: every year, gamers spend more than $80 billion on video game systems and individual games. They are among the most enthusiastic hobbyists: there are hundreds of local video game conventions and competitions every year. If you’re tired of playing games from your living room sofa, you may want to look into constructing a permanent, dedicated game room in your attic or basement.

The first step in constructing a game room is to examine your attic and your basement: foundation sealing is essential. Too many people avoid repairing cracks in foundation walls, figuring that it would cost too much time and money. Newer home waterproofing technology actually enables homeowners to seal cracks and leaks in their basement walls. If you’re sick of having a wet basement, look into basement water proofing solutions.

You also need to make sure that your basement or attic has good wireless internet reception. In case your signal doesn’t quite make it downstairs, there are wireless internet signal boosters available for purchase at local electronics stores and online. If you’re a serious gamer, the last thing you would want is to lose your internet connection in the middle of a level. While you’re in the process of fixing basement leaks, talk to an electrical contractor to make sure that you can run electricity down into your basement.

If your basement has a history of leaks, wait until your foundation repair services are done before snaking that power cord downstairs. You need to make sure that your basement has time to dry out before you move in. Water proofing solutions have evolved considerably in the past few years: you may be able to use spray sealant on deep foundation cracks. In general, if you see cracks in your foundation that are shaped like a staircase, it could be time to call in foundation repair contractors.

Keeping a good eye on home repairs is extremely important. You would never want to lose gaming equipment or home electronics to a flooded basement. Basement water proofing supplies can also work well on your roof. Too many homeowners fill their attics with collectibles, only to discover that their roofs have sprung a leak. Attic and basement water proofing is also important because once your attic starts leaking, you could be ruining the integrity of your roof and introducing mold into your home. Homeowners should ask a professional contractor about the condition of their roof.

Home repairs can seem like a waste of time, but a home is a huge financial investment. Basement water proofing materials can also be used to seal windowsills: we lose about half of our home’s heat through windows that lack a tight seal. Installing thermally broken window and doors can help cut down on your electric and gas bills and give you a great return on investment, or ROI. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, you will want to accomplish major repairs about nine months before you contact a realtor. Home buyers want sewer systems that are in good repair, dry basements with sealed foundation, and new windows and doors: home repairs can bring an excellent ROI.

Gaming enthusiasts spend thousands every year, and once they finish repairing foundation cracks, they will have an exciting new place to play. Put in three or four couches, get a refrigerator put in — snacks are a very important part of gaming — and enjoy spending time playing your favorite games. As long as you make sure that your house is in good working order, you can enjoy your hobby in a custom room that you design. Gaming is not just a hobby: it’s a lifestyle. It may take a few weeks until you see the finished product, but a dry basement and sealed attic are incredible assets to any homeowner.